Best Beach Chairs with Backpack Straps (Easy to Carry)

Chairs with straps

It’s a hot afternoon, and you are expected to go with friends to the beach. You have every other gear packed, but you are not sure about the beach chair you have at home as it’s bulky and heavy.

Does that sound familiar? You no longer have to go through such a disappointment if you invest in a beach chair with backpack straps.

Best Beach Chairs with Backpack Straps.

These chairs are packable and portable. You simply carry it on your back like you do a standard backpack.

5 Best Beach Chairs with Backpack Straps (Summary)

  1. Rio Beach Big Boy 13-Inch High Seat -300lbs
  2. Sunnyfeel Low Beach Chair -300lbs
  3. Rio Beach 4-Position  Beach Chair-240lbs
  4. Rio Folding Beach Chair -300 lbs
  5. Pacific Breeze Lounger (Unspecified)

Why Should I Buy a Backpack Beach Chair?

Backpack beach chairs are generally designed to provide users with an easy-to-carry beach chair. They feature heavily padded straps that lessen the pressure of carrying them.

That makes them such a convenient travel accompaniment, not just for beach campers but also for other outdoor enthusiasts.

Backpack Beach Chair

The straps are also adjustable, depending on user preference. Such flexibility makes backpack beach chairs an excellent choice for different ages and heights.

More importantly, backpack beach chairs mimic standard backpacks in design and convenience. They convert into backpacks, and you can use them to keep your phone, snacks, water bottles, and other small items that you may need for your outdoor fun.

Any Other Reason I Should Buy a Beach Chair with Backpack Straps?

Backpack beach chairs are not just a convenient way to carry a beach chair on your back. These packable beach chairs come with other advantages that make them a must-buy.

A beach chair like Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair with Storage Pouch and Towel Bar, Sunnyfeel Low Beach Chair comes with a user-friendly cooler to keep your beverages chilled.

Another one like Rio Beach Big Boy Folding 13-Inch High Seat lets you recline it in four different positions.

You’ll find these beach chairs with the added comfort that you don’t get on most beach chairs. Their armrests, backs, and straps, for instance, are heavily padded to give you utmost resting comfort on the beach or anywhere in the outdoors.

Speaking of anywhere in the outdoors; backpack beach chairs are quite versatile. Not only can you use them on the beach but also a hike, a picnic, the yard, and any other camping site (other than the beach). So, these chairs can be your ultimate travel companion.

Most beach chairs with carry straps are rainproof, thus ideal for the beach setting. Given that the majority of them feature cup holders, small pockets, and phone pouches, they have the convenience to turn an ordinary beach camp adventure into a luxurious one.

Buying Guide for Backpack Beach Chairs

Before you can buy a beach seat with backpack straps, here are the considerations:

Build Quality

Backpack beach chairs feature metallic structures, just like other beach chairs. For this reason, you need to pick an option that can resist corrosion, given that the beach gear is likely to come into contact with water.

The perfect anti-corrosion materials are powder-coated stainless steel and high-grade aluminum. So, go for them.

Different Types Of Beach Chairs

You also need to consider a sturdy material like polyester as it withstands tear and wear and is capable of holding the chair’s weight comfortably.


Portability is probably the chief advantage of backpack beach chairs. These chairs are lightly-built and carry-friendly to allow you to carry them on your back with ease.

But to ensure that you always go for the most portable beach chairs, ensure that your option meets the following basics:

  • Minimal weight (preferably 6-8 pounds)
  • Collapses and adjusts easily


Comfort is everything when it comes to carrying and using a beach chair with shoulder strap. Mainly, it depends on the chair’s backrest (back support), armrests, and seat.

The backrest, for instance, needs to be raised and should have ample padding to give you the best sitting comfort.

As for the seat and armrests, they too need to be adequately padded. In addition to being cushioned, the seat needs to be adjustable.


You need to enjoy multiple sitting positions from your backpack beach chairs. So, the more the reclining flexibility, the better the beach chair. Most reclining beach chairs come with four or more seat adjustment positions, thus a prime consideration.

The other thing that should be adjustable is the back strap. You should adjust it with ease, depending on your height and size.

Weight Limit

Every packable beach chair with straps comes with a weight limit. So, one beach chair may be suitable for one user and unsuitable for another if the two users are off different body weights.

Rio Beach Portable Backpack Chair

You should consider checking out the maximum weight capacity before buying any backpack beach chair. Most options have a 240-300-pounds weigh limit.


Since you’ll be using your backpack beach chair in the outdoors, it’s likely to be exposed to rain and the scorching sun. Therefore, unless you go for materials that are waterproof and fade-resistant, your beach chair is probable to wear off fast.

Your material choice should not soak water and should offer reasonable protection against wear and tear and fading. A perfect example is a polyester.

Padded Straps

It’s not easy to carry a beach chair on your back. That’s why the beach gear comes with padded straps. The straps should be adequately padded to ensure that the weight impact on your back and shoulder lessens.

Also, ensure to check if the straps are adjustable, robustly-stitched, and breathable.

Convenience Accessories

Depending on preference, this is where you draw the difference when it comes to the various backpack beach chair variations.

Notable accessories that improve the convenience of using a beach chair carrier strap are:

  • Storage pockets for stashing your phone, drinks, towel, books, snacks, and other items
  • Cup holders for placing your drinks as you rest
  • An adjustable headrest that improves your head’s resting comfort
  • Cooler or insulated pockets for keeping your beverages cooler

5 Backpack Beach Chair Variations (Plus Recommendations)

Here are the variations for beach chair with backpack straps:

1. High Seat Backpack Chair

Are you big and tall and are looking for the most comfortable backpack beach chair? Think no further than the high seat variations.

These chairs recline easily to enable you to find your ideal resting angle and are solidly built to accommodate the plus-size weight.

The seats are high and wide and cushioned to encourage optimal user comfort, especially among huge users.

My favorite chair in this category is the Rio Beach Big Boy Folding 13-Inch High Seat

Here’s why:

The folding beach chair with shoulder straps is only 11 pounds, therefore lightweight and highly portable. Its seat is 13 inches above the ground and 22 inches wide to suit tall and plus-size users.

It has a Velcro closure system that secures your beach supplies on travel and tilt-lock protection to prevent from folding when using.

Other impressive features are four-position recline, cup holder, rip-free protection, and removable pillow.

2. Backpack Chair with Cooler.

Have you ever carried cold water or soda to the beach only to realize that it’s lukewarm, thus undrinkable? I surely have.

If you are just tired of the frustration, then invest in a backpack beach chair with cooler. These chairs come with insulated pouches that can keep up to four drinks cold.

But still, they have ample dry storage space for your snacks and other essentials.

My favorite beach chair with a carrying strap here is the SUNNYFEEL Backpack Chair with Cooler.

Here’s why:

This backpack beach chair has an inbuilt cooler that keeps your beverage cooler for several hours and multiple pockets for keeping small beach essentials.

The chair is highly comfortable, and this is evident through its adjustable and thickly-padded headrest and shoulder strap.

It features a lace-up suspension design to promote better back comfort. The beach chair has a 240 lbs weight limit.

Sunnyfeel Low Beach Chair

3. Backpack Lounger

Do you enjoy lying flat on the beach and soaking the sun rays? Then you’ll find backpack loungers to be a great fit.

These beach chair variations allow you to rest on your back while having optimal back support. They come with easily adjustable back support to suit different needs. Thus, you can recline them as much as you want if you don’t like lying flat.

The folding beach chairs with backpack straps are thickly padded for your ultimate back comfort and lightweight to encourage portability.

My top selection in this category is Pacific Breeze Lounger.

Here’s why:

The backpack beach chair only weighs 6 pounds, thus lightweight and readily portable. It’s fully padded and adjustable to give you optimal back comfort.

The lounger is reasonably taller (74.8 inches) and wider (21 inches) to suit different users. The best part is that it comes as a two-pack. So, it’s a fantastic pick for couples.

Pacific Breeze Lounger

4. Lace-Up Suspension Beach Chairs

These backpack beach chairs feature lace-up suspensions that promote better body support and comfort. The element is more critical when you have to sit for long on the beach.

The seat rests about 11 inches above the ground. So, it is an excellent choice for tall users.

These chairs also come with multi-positional recline angles to encourage better user comfort. Plus, their carry straps are comfortable and adjustable.

The chairs feature cup holders, adjustable pillows, among many other convenience accessories.

My recommendation in this category is Rio Beach 4-Position Lace-Up Backpack Folding Beach Chair.

Here’s why:

This chair weighs 8 pounds but can carry up to 240 pounds. Its seat tilts in four different positions for your ultimate comfort.

The folding chair with carrying strap is readily portable and comes with a storage pouch, adjustable pillow, cup holder, and locking bracket.

Its highlight is the lace-up suspension that supports your body all day.

Rio 4 Position Beach Chair

5. High Backrest Beach Chair

If you are looking for the ultimate back comfort, and do not want to gamble, consider going for a high backrest beach chair. That’s more important if you are tall.

These high back beach chairs typically have a lowered seat, which not only promotes user comfort but also gives you a cozy feel. Their design makes them perfect not just for beach camping but also for fishing and using on the patio.

My favorite pick here is Rio Folding Beach Chair.

Here’s why:

The backpack beach chair only weighs 7 pounds but has the framework to support up to 300 pounds. It has a high back to promote better back comfort and a low seat to enable you to spread out your legs freely.

It’s foldable, thus easy to pack and transport. The seat features waterproof materials to resist rain and seawater damage.

Rio Beach Portable Backpack Chair


1.      What should I consider in the best backpack beach chair?

There are so many things, and I’ll have to take you back to my buying guide above to answer the question explicitly. But if I can mention the primary buying considerations, the best backpack beach chair should be:

  • Readily adjustable
  • Highly comfortable
  • Readily portable
  • Rain/fade-proof
  • Strongly-built

2.      Which is the best packable beach chair for big users?

It has to be the Rio Beach Big Boy 13-Inch High Seat. The beach chair has a high seat that is 22 inches wider and 13 inches high off the ground to suit plus size users. The chair is both comfortable and supportive and can hold up to 300 pounds.

3.      How heavy are backpack beach chairs?

Backpack beach chairs are designed to be readily portable. So, they are not weighty. Averagely, they weigh 6-8 pounds but can support up to 240-300 pounds.

4.      Can I use a backpack beach chair anywhere else other than the beach?

Yes, you can. Even though these chairs are primarily designed for beach camping, you can use them just about anywhere in the outdoors. Whether it’s on a picnic, a hike, or in the woods, they are always a handy option.

5.      How can I identify the most comfortable backpack beach chair?

The primary consideration is adequate padding, especially on the seat, armrests, back support, and headrest. While at it, consider your height and weight.

If you are taller and big, an option like the Rio Beach Big Boy Folding 13-Inch High Seat is a fantastic pick.


Ensure you have a beach chair with backpack straps with you the next time you go for a beach camp. It plays the role of a comfortable chair and backpack while promising the convenience that you rarely find in standard beach chairs.

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