Beach Chair for Big and Tall People

5 Best Beach Chairs for Big and Tall People [Buyers Guide]

Who said that the beautiful warm beach is only for the lightweight and slender? It’s not. Even the big and tall can have a good time on the sandy surface.

Did you know that there are beach chairs for big and tall people? You need such an option to have a good beach camp experience.

Lucky for you, I have 5 of the best-selling beach chairs for big and tall users on this post. I’ll also provide you with a detailed buying guide and answers to the most frequently asked questions about the chairs.

beach chairs for big and tall people

But first, let’s understand why you should invest in a beach chair for big and tall users and not any other.

In a hurry, here are the best 5 beach chairs to consider:

5 Best Beach Chairs for Big and Tall People

  1. Rio Beach 4 Position Chair– 240 lbs
  2. Kikerike Backpack Stool with Cooler – 400 lbs
  3. Coleman Camping Quad Chair – 300 lbs
  4. TravelChair Big Kahuna Chair – 800 lbs
  5. Tommy Bahama 2016 Backpack Cooler Chair – 300 lbs

Why Do Big and Tall People Need Special Beach Chairs?

If I can rephrase the title question – why should you spend $100 or more on tall beach chairs for big people when there are standard options that go for less?

Well, here are the primary reasons:

  • Greater Comfort – These chairs come heavily-padded, highly-adjustable, and spacious to give you greater comfort.
  • More Stability – You need a chair that can support your weight when you are big and one that matches your height. The chairs on my list are robustly-built to protect you from tumbling, thus more stable.
  • Long-Lasting –Beach chairs for massive and tall users are built from durable materials to last long. Their materials can resist wear and tear as well as weather damage.

Buying Guide for Beach Chairs for Big and Tall People

Now that you know why you need a unique beach chair when you are big and tall, you should also know how to identify such chairs. Here are the properties to consider:

Higher Weight Limit

You should choose a beach chair that has a higher weight limit than your body weight. In that case, the beach chair will still hold your weight even after adding a few pounds.

For example, it makes sense to go for a 300-pound beach chair if you weigh 250 lbs. But in case you weigh 300 lbs, then go for any other higher limit like a 400-lb capacity beach chair or a 500-lbs option.

Fair Wind Oversized Chair

Adequately Padded

If you are big and tall, then you have to go for the most comfortable beach chair. One way to ensure that it is the case is to go for adequate padding.

From the headrest and armrest to the back and seat, there should be adequate cushioning. That will allow you to rest on the chair longer without suffering fatigue or body aches.

Strong Build

When it comes to the frame construction, two material choices lead the line; steel and aluminum. While steel is undeniably strong, especially for beach chairs for plus size, it can be slightly weighty.

So, if you want a lightweight beach chair, then you should consider aluminum. It’s reasonably strong and portable.

Remember to check the arms and legs of the chair. They need to be sturdy to support your weight.

You also need to consider the fabric of the sturdy high beach chairs carefully. You want a material that does get torn easily, and this is where polyester is an excellent pick.

Readily Portable

Even though you expect your beach chair to support your weight, it shouldn’t be heavy itself. You should be able to carry the chair to the beach.

Interestingly, some options even convert into backpacks or come with shoulder straps to allow you to carry them on your back. A perfect example of a tall backpack beach chair on my list is the Tommy Bahama 2016 Backpack Cooler Chair.

Best Beach Chairs for Big Guys

So, what’s the best weight for a portable beach chair for big people? It should be 7-8 pounds depending on the construction materials.

Its size should also allow you to fit the beach chair in your car’s truck.

Multi-Positional (Adjustable)

You need your beach chair to be adjustable and should recline in multiple positions. So, look at its backrest to confirm that it’s flexible. The more it can sprawl, the better it is for you.

The footrest and headrest are other features that need to be readily adjustable. The footrest, for example, should allow you to raise and lower your legs conveniently. The headrest, on the other hand, should allow you to change your head position freely.

High And Wide Seat

It can be strenuous and awkward to rise from a low beach seat when you are big and tall. That’s why you need a high seat. It not only makes it effortless to get up from it, but it also provides you with adequate legroom.

So, how do you identify high seat beach chairs? Look at the ground clearance (ground height) to ensure that it is at least 10 inches.

The other vital consideration for the seat is its width. You need a wider seat to accommodate your big body. Preferably, the seat width should be about 20-25 inches wide.

Easy To Set Up

Your big and tall beach chair should be easy to set up. You shouldn’t have a problem getting it ready for use. Similarly, the disassembly needs to be effortless and quick.

The best beach chairs, as a matter of fact, do not need any special tool or knowledge to set up. You’ll find such examples on my top list.

Convenience features

Several factors set beach chairs apart from other chairs. So, if you are looking to have a relaxing experience at the beach, you need these convenience features.

They include:

  • Small pouches for keeping small items and books
  • An insulated cooler for keeping your beverages chilled
  • A cup holder for firmly holding your drink
  • Back or shoulder straps for carrying the chair
  • A canopy (shade) or a loop for attaching an umbrella to shelter you against the sun and rain


Beach chairs for huge people come in different budgets. Ideally, more luxurious features attract higher prices. So, do not be discouraged by a higher price quote just because you are looking for a budget buy.

First, check out the features to see if the chair is worth the price the seller is asking. If yes, then you should go ahead and buy it if you can afford it.

Good Warranty

There are reasons why oversized beach chairs come with warranties. From a manufacture’s standing, it shows confidence in the product. As a result, you’ll be investing in an excellent product.

A warranty also improves the chair’s resale value and covers you against abnormal repair costs. Generally, a 1-2 year warranty is okay for beach chairs. So, consider it.

5 Top Beach Chairs for Big and Tall People

Based on the buying guide, here are the best beach chairs for big and tall users:

1. Rio Beach 4 Position Chair

Best for users weighing up to 240 lbs

The Rio Beach Big Boy Folding 13’ High Seat tops my list for a reason. Having gone through different high off the ground beach chairs, I cannot find an option that is as comfortable and readily adjustable as this beach chair.

It’s heavily padded everywhere and raised 13 inches off the ground to suit tall, heavy users.

The only shortfall is that it only comes with a 300 lbs weight limit. I wish it were 800 lbs so that I could recommend to a few 500 plus lbs beach enthusiasts that I know.

The chair weighs 11 lbs and measures 28 by 28 by 5 inches.

Things you’ll like:

  • Rust-resistance aluminum frame to serve you longer
  • Four-positional recline to give you utmost resting flexibility
  • Padded headrest to ensure you rest your head comfortably
  • Cushioned armrest to relax your arms and elbows
  • Removable pillow to support your neck
  • Cushioned backpack straps to allow you to carry the chair with ease
  • Huge storage bag for keeping your beach supplies
  • Powerful locking mechanism to give you stability when resting on the chair
Rio Beach 4 Position

2. Kikerike Backpack Stool Cooler Chair

Best For Users Weighing Up To 400 lbs

If you are disadvantaged by the weight limit of the Rio Beach Big Guy Folding 13” High Seat, consider the Kikerike Backpack Stool Cooler Chair. It has a 400-lbs weight limit and promises impressive features.

Its frame structure is aluminum, which is not only rust-resistant but also durable. The plus size beach chair features a fast-drying and tough double 600D polyester layer.

It weighs 16 pounds and measures 37 by 32 by 8.3 inches when folded.

Things you’ll like:

  • Four-positional adjustment for your utmost resting comfort
  • Weather-resistant and scratch-proof armrests to suit the beach terrain
  • 16-inch seat height for your maximum sitting comfort
  • Oversized 23-inch-wide seat to provide you with extra sitting space
  • A strategic drink holder for holding your water or juice
  • A sizeable rare carry pouch and a zipper pouch for carrying your beach supplies

Kikerike Backpack Stool Cooler

3. Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair with 4-Cooler

Best Budget Buy For Big And Tall Users

Are you looking for comfortable and portable high beach chairs that cost under $50? Then what you need is the Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair with 4-Can Cooler.

The budget beach chair comes with a cooler that can keep up to four drinks cold. It weighs 7.7 lbs but can support users who weigh up to 300 pounds.

The chair measures 7.75 by 27 by 27 inches and is available in colors like blue, red, and black.

Things you’ll like:

  • Tuff polyester fabric to make the chair more durable
  • 4-can cooler pouch for preserving and holding your cold drinks
  • Collapsible design to encourage portability
  • Side pockets for keeping small personal items
  • Meshed cup holder for firmly holding your drink
  • 24-inch-wide seat to provide more seating room
  • Cushioned back and seat for extra resting comfort
Coleman Camp Chair

4. TravelChair Big Kahuna Chair

Best For Users Weighing Up To 800 Lbs

You need a unique chair for your weight if you are 500 lbs or higher. I cannot think of a superior endorsement for such a weight than the TravelChair Big Kahuna Chair.

The heavy-duty chair comes with an 800 lbs weight limit, which makes it the perfect definition of strength and comfort. Its steel frame construction gives it stability, while its 600D polyester fabric makes it sturdy and durable.

The high duty beach chair comes in different stylish colors like light gray, khaki, and deep sea. It weighs 13 pounds and measures 38 by 20 by 38 inches.

What you’ll like:

  • Strong and portable construction
  • A carry bag that allows you to carry the chair on travels
  • A 24.5-inch-wide seat to provide you with extra sitting space
  • Dual cup holders for your drinks
  • Dual side pockets for keeping your supplies
  • Adjustable armrests to provide you with extra comfort
TravelChair Big Kahuna Chair

5. Tommy Bahama 2016 Backpack Cooler Chair

Best Backpack Cooler Chair

The Tommy Bahama 2016 Backpack Cooler Chair concludes my list of extra-large beach chairs for possessing two distinctive features.

For starters, the chair has an insulated cooler that keeps drinks chilled. Secondly, the chair comes with backpack straps that allow you to carry it on your back.

The chair weighs 7.4 pounds and measures 31 by 20 by 4 inches. It has a 300-lbs weight limit.

Things you’ll like:

  • Tough and fast-drying 600D polyester
  • 5-positional recline to give you multiple resting comfort
  • Insulated pouch for preserving your chilled drinks
  • Small pockets for your smartphone
  • Drink holders for firmly holding your beverages
  • Towel bar for hanging your towel
  • Backpack straps and carry handle to allow you to move the chair comfortably
Tommy Bahama 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Should I Look For In The Best Heavy Duty Beach Chairs?

Comfort, sturdy construction, and portability are the key consideration when you are big and tall. But still, things like adjustability, easy setup, and affordability are worth considering. I’ll refer you to my buying guide above for the full list of buying considerations.

2. Where Can I Buy The Best Beach Hair For Big People?

You can find all the above beach chairs on Amazon. Here are the links to the five beach chairs on my list that’ll land you on Amazon:

  • Rio Beach Big Guy Folding 13” High Seat
  • Big Jumbo 500 Lbs XL Aluminum Heavy Duty Beach Chair
  • Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair with 4-Cooler
  • ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair
  • Tommy Bahama 2016 Backpack Cooler Chair

3. Which Is The Best Beach Chair For Big And Tall People?

It depends on your weight. If you are below 300 pounds, consider going for the Rio Beach 4 Position Chair. It’s robust, foldable, and portable.

If you are over 300 lbs but less than 500 lbs, then go for beach chairs for over 300 lbs like the Kikerike Backpack Stool Cooler Chair. It’s quite robust, user-friendly, and convenient for big people.

If you are above 500lbs, then the best pick has to be the Coleman Big-and-Tall Chair. It can hold up to 600 pounds.

4. Why Is Aluminum Preferred For Beach Chairs For Heavy Person?

Aluminum is mostly preferred because it’s lightweight to encourage portability, but also strong to support plus size weight. Aluminum is also rust-resistant and comes in attractive colors.

5. How Can I Take Care Of My Beach Chair?

Majorly, it takes proper and regular cleaning to do it. You have to wipe the dirt and stain off after every use.

If the dirt and stain are stubborn, consider using vinegar and baking soda. The mixture is also effective against mildew.

Also, ensure the frame dries appropriately to avoid rusting.


You now have my recommendation for the optimum beach chairs for big and tall people. So, do you have a pick? If yes, consider making the order now before the stock runs out!

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