Best Beach Cart for Sand (Beach Carts With Large Wheels)

Best Beach Cart for Sand

We all love having a good time at the beach, don’t we? But if you are like me, there is nothing I despise more than having to carry heavy loads on my back on the beach.

So, I had to deliberate on a quick fix, and that’s how I thought about investing in the best beach cart for sand.

Today, I can tag even the baby along and carry all the beach supplies that we need as a family. All thanks to my super-powerful beach cart.

Are you wondering which one it is? Check my number one item on the list.

Best Beach Cart with Large Balloon Tires For Sand

But still, there are several other decent options that I wouldn’t hesitate to buy if I was shopping for a beach cart today. I’ll also share with you their identity on my top list.

But first, let’s understand what a beach cart is, why you need one, and the different types that exist. Afterward, we’ll look at the buyer’s guide, followed by the most frequently asked questions.

The 5 Best Beach Carts for Sand

1.  MacSports Heavy Duty Utility Wagon (150lbs)

2.  Timber Ridge Folding Wagon (150lbs)

3.  Tommy Bahama Beach Cart (100lbs)

4.   Beau Jardin Folding Utility Cart (Unspecified)

5.  RAILBLAZA Trolley Cart (300lbs)

What’s a Beach Cart?

A beach cart is a compact wheeled structure that allows you to carry your supplies on the beach. A majority of them are push-styles, and so they tend to resemble the shopping trolley.

However, there are a few others that can either be pulled by hand or attached to bicycles. Generally, beach carts are lightweight and come with unique wheels that make their maneuverability effortless.

Why Do I Need the Best Beach Cart for Sand?

The apparent reason why you need a beach cart is that you can carry your beach supplies across the sand. Speaking of beach supplies; they include:

  • Beach gears like beach chairs, beach tents, beach blankets, beach canopies, and beach umbrellas
  • Personal items like sunscreen, beach towels, and books
  • Gaming supplies like volleyballs, footballs, and tennis supplies
  • Snacks and drinks, which you can keep on a beach cooler and carry the cooler on the beach cart

In addition to carrying the above beach supplies, a beach cart can carry your child. So, it could be a lifesaver when you have your kid on the beach with you but are tired to carry him or her.

Types of Beach Carts

Before we can look at the types of beach carts for soft sand, let’s first clarify the difference between beach carts and beach wagons.

The words beach carts and beach wagons are often used interchangeably, but the difference is that the latter is low profile.

Overall, these are the various types of beach wagons/beach carts:

  • Heavy-Duty Beach Carts – These beach carts are designed to carry a heavy load, sometimes even more than 150 lbs.

They have four solid wheels and feature long handles.

  • Beach Trolleys – They feature a simple metal framework just like the grocery trolleys and can either have two or four wheels.

The beach carts usually have a smallholding capacity that doesn’t exceed 40 pounds.

  • Folding Utility Carts – These beach carts are easily collapsible to encourage quick storage and transportation. They are available in fabric and metallic options.

The fabric options can carry up to 100 lbs, while the metallic options can hold up to 400 lbs.

  • Beach Carts With Balloon Tires – The difference between these carts and others is the wheel. Their wheels are oversized and are mostly made of polypropylene.

The giant balloon wheels enable the wagons to ride over sand comfortably.

How Can I Pick the Best Beach Cart for Sand? The Buyer’s Guide

Before you can spend money on a beach cart, consider these factors:

Cart Construction

You want a beach cart that can serve you for years. You want it to carry your heavy load, maneuver the tough beach terrain, and still be in good shape. That can only be possible if you pick an overall sturdy cart.

For starters, its metal frame should be robust and rustproof. That brings us to stainless steel as the best frame material, and its alternative is aluminum.

Strong Build Beach Cart

Also, consider the fabric or plastic material that forms the holding area as well as the wheels. They, too, need to be solidly built.

Thick Wheels

Sand is soft, and that means it is not the best surface to tow a cart. However, beach carts come with extra thick and oversized wheels to reduce the load that they place on the ground. As a result, it becomes easy for these wheels to ride over-sand.

So, ensure you look for big and dense tires, especially a beach cart with inflatable wheels to enjoy towing on the sand.

Cart Size

Beach carts come in a wide range of sizes. So you must pick a size that can carry all your belongings.

Everything should fit into the cart so that you don’t have to carry anything on your back. Also, avoid overloading the cart as things may fall and get lost on the way if you do.

Overall, the standard family size that can carry the beach supplies of up to 6 people measures 36 by 21 by 24 inches. So, consider such.

Cart Capacity

While the cart size dictates what to carry, it’s not the only determinant. You also have to consider the load. All beach cart wagons come with load limits that you are not supposed to exceed.

It, however, doesn’t always mean a large size beach cart is the most powerful. The load capacity should be able to tell you that.

Most small-load carts have a 50-pound carrying capacity while heavy-load ones have 100 plus weight limit.

Ease of Assembly

You may need to do a few things before you can start using a beach cart. Some beach carts with large wheels only require you to attach a handle or wheel, and you are good to go. In the end, such options save you time.

However, you shouldn’t expect that from heavy-duty beach carts. Such options require you to assemble their removal sides.

Handle Flexibility and Comfort

The handle is critical in as far as moving a beach cart is concerned. If you wish to have a smooth towing experience, consider first an adjustable handle. It should extend and lower flexibly, depending on your height.

Secondly, look for an option with a padded grip. The last thing you want is to suffer painful sores on your hand from towing a beach cart.

Ease of Cleanness

Your cart is bound to get dirty the moment you use it on the beach. While this is unavoidable, what you can avoid is mud, dust, and salt ruining your wheeled structure.  Thus, you have to clean it after use.

To ensure that the process is quick and fun, choose a cart with easy-to-clean construction like steel and polyester. The beach cart sand wheels also need to be clean-friendly, and you should do it with soap and water.

Cart Portability

Given that you’ll be carrying your cart whenever you go to the beach for camping, it should be readily portable. One way to ensure that this is always the case is by buying a collapsible cart.

Most beach carts fold easily to save on storage space, thus easy to carry in your car.

Portable Foldable Beach Cart

The other factor that influences portability is cart weight. Usually, less weighty beach carts tend to be more portable.


There are so many extras that make the use of a beach cart fun, easy, and convenient. One of my favorite accessories is the cooler that helps me keep my drinks cold.

I also fancy beach carts with phone holders, cup holders, side pockets, and canopies. There are also others with food trays and side tables. Usually, the more the accessories, the more convenient the cart is.

5 Best Beach Carts for Sand

They include:

1. MacSports Collapsible Heavy Duty All-Terrain Beach Utility Wagon

(load limit – 150lbs) – My Favorite Beach Car

The MacSports Collapsible Heavy Duty All-Terrain Beach Utility Wagon is attractive in every sense. The heavy-duty wheeled structure has a large storage capacity, enough to hold up to 150 pounds of beach supplies.

It’s an all-terrain wagon, which means it works incredibly on the beach, gardens, sports turf, and other outdoor areas. Its extra-large wheels make it one of the most comfortable carts to tow on the sand.

The beach utility cart features an easy-to-clean, weather-resistant, and mildew-resistant construction.

I like the fact that this beach wagon folds in a matter of seconds and allows flexible storage. The cart also has a table extension for placing books and other supplies.

It weighs 22 lbs and measures 31.5 by 21.4 by 9.6 inches.

MacSport Heavy Duty Drink Holder Beach Wagon

2. Timber Ridge Folding Wagon

(load limit – 150lbs)

The Timber Ridge Folding Wagon is another all-terrain beach wagon that you’ll enjoy using.

I like the fact that Timber Ridge, the manufacturer, has included a side bag for keeping small items and cup holders for your beverages.

This beach wagon is a large-capacity type, and it promises to hold up to 150 lbs of load. It comes in a collapsible design, which makes it highly portable.

The foldable cart weighs 24.9 lbs and measures 30 by 16.5 by 8.5 inches.

Timber Ridge Beach Wagon

3. Tommy Bahama Beach Cart

(load limit – 100lbs)

The Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide Beach Cart is another readily-foldable beach cart that comes in a sturdy construction. Its robust steel framework allows it to hold up to 100 lbs.

Additionally, it enjoys a 15 cubic storage area, which is large enough for all your beach supplies as long as they don’t exceed 100 pounds.

The beach cart has an extended stroller-like handle with a comfortable neoprene grip that allows you to push it effortlessly.

Some of its accessories are a bottom tray, a rack, an umbrella holder, and a detachable tote bag.

The rolling beach cart weighs 18.6 pounds and measures 32.2 by 20.3 by 5.1 inches.

Tommy Bahama Beach Wagon

4. Beau Jardin Folding Push Wagon Collapsible Utility Cart

(load limit – Unspecified)

The Beau Jardin Folding Push Wagon Collapsible Utility Cart is a large capacity folding outdoor beach cart that promises an exciting user experience.

The wagon features sturdy polyester fabric that is perfect for the outdoor weather.

Its 1.96-inch wide wheels allow you to push the cart on sand effortlessly. Its sturdy frame construction, on the other hand, ensures that you carry heavy loads comfortably.

The cart has a telescoping handle that allows you to maneuver the outdoor terrain with ease. Additionally, its front wheels rotate at 360 degrees to give you more maneuvering flexibility.

No assembly is needed for this beach cart, and it comes with a removable canvas that you can wash easily.

The folding utility cart with wheels weighs 28.4 lbs and measures 31 by 18 by 11 inches.

Beau Jardin Beach Wagon

5. RAILBLAZA C-Tug Kayak or Canoe Trolley Cart

(load limit – 300lbs)

If you are looking for the ultimate heavy-duty beach cart, think no further than the RAILBLAZA C-Tug Kayak or Canoe Trolley Cart.

The beach cart operates slightly differently from other carts on this list. Instead of pushing it like a trolley, you are required to strap yourself and then pull it. That explains how it’s able to carry up to 300 pounds.

The beach cart allows tool-free assembly, and it’s easily transportable. It’s made from durable and rust-resistant materials.

The 10-pound wheeled structure has massive high-grip rubber wheels that ride over sand effortlessly and features puncture-proof wheels.

Railblaza Beach Wagon

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is The Best Beach Cart For Sand?

It has to be the MacSports Collapsible Heavy Duty All-Terrain Beach Utility Wagon. The cart collapses in seconds for easy storage and carriage and enjoys a 150-pound storage limit.

The storage area is also big, and its construction is second to none. The fabric has anti-mildew properties and is generally easy to clean.

Which Frame Is The Best Choice For Big Wheeled Beach Carts?

Though I’m tempted to pick plastic because it’s lightweight and inexpensive, it has its flaws. Notably, plastic cracks when overloaded. So, I choose steel because of its sturdy build. Aluminum also offers a decent lightweight option.

What Are The Best Features For The Best Beach Cart?

You need a beach cart that is easy to move on the sand, robust in build, easy to clean, and user-friendly. Also, it should come with convenient extras like a canopy, side pockets, cooler, and phone holders.

How Many Loads Can A Beach Cart Carry?

It depends on the cart’s overall build. Sand carts for beach that have small capacities and are relatively strong carry up to 50 lbs. The average capacity options, however, carry 50-100 pounds.

We also have the super-strong large capacity beach carts that can hold 150 or more pounds.

How Much Does A Decent Beach Cart Costs?

Here, it mostly depends on the cart’s capacity. Usually, those with bigger load limits tend to cost more. Of course, the extras have a say.

On the lower end, a beach cart costs $30-$100 and about $100-$150 on the higher end.


Finding the best beach cart for sand is easier when you know what to look for. Above is a detailed guide that will enable you to get precisely that.

So, use it. And if you want to make a decent purchase, consider my top 5 beach cart recommendations.

For more on beach carts, check out our Beach Carts Resources.

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