Best Beach Wagon for Sand – 5 Best Options Plus a Buying Guide

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Are you a beach lover who dreads the hassle of hauling your beach gear across the sandy terrain? Or perhaps you’ve tried using a regular wagon, only to find it getting stuck in the sand? If so, you’re not alone. As a beach enthusiast, I’ve faced these challenges and discovered the ultimate solution: a beach wagon designed specifically for sand.

In this article, I’ll share my personal experiences and insights to help you understand why a beach wagon for sand is a beachgoer’s essential companion. We’ll explore the unique advantages of these wagons, from their ability to glide smoothly over soft sand to their ample storage capacity for all your beach gear. I’ll also provide a comprehensive buyer’s guide and my top five recommendations for the best beach wagons for sand on the market.

Whether you’re a seasoned beachgoer or planning your first beach vacation, this guide is designed to help you enhance your beach experience. So, let’s dive in and discover the convenience and efficiency of beach wagons for sand.

best beach wagon for soft sand

This wheeled structure allows you to lug just about anything – beach chairs, beach coolers, beach tents, swim gear, beach toys, etc. You can carry your child too.

Mark you; you can carry and tow everything with minimal physical effort. The exciting part is that you don’t need a bicycle or any other mechanical puller as you can do using your hand.

Different Types of Beach Wagons for Sand

Before we can look at the best wagon for the beach, let’s first look at the various types:

a) Heavy-Duty Wagon

Heavy-duty wagons are built to carry and transport heavy loads. They offer compact storage and feature study frame structures and massive wheels.

Because of their robust construction, these beach wagons are often simple but feature a few convenience extras like side pockets and beverage holders.

A majority of them are foldable to allow compact storage.

b) Folding Wagon

Folding wagons are just what the name is suggesting. These wheeled structures are collapsible, which makes them easy to pack/store and transport. In most cases, it’s their handles and large wheels that fold.

Overall, folding beach wagons with big wheels are lightweight and user-friendly. They also come with spacious holding capacities to suit large groups.

c) Utility Wagon

A utility wagon is a stainless steel wheeled wagon with a user-friendly handle and steady wheels. These beach wagons are designed for all terrains and can carry just about anything.

They are not just handy on the beach but also in the garden, grocery stores, and camps. They, too, are mostly foldable, thus compact in storage.

d) Beach Wagon With Balloon Tires

Beach wagon with balloon wheels are large air pumped tires. Because of the air, these tires are large and lightweight. Such characteristics enable them to roll over the loose sand when you pull the wagon.

So, the tires won’t sink into the loose sand, no matter how heavy the load is (so long as it doesn’t surpass the load capacity).

e) Beach Wagon With Big Wheels

These beach wagons feature oversized wheels, not necessarily balloon tires. Their big wheels allow them to carry heavy loads on the beach, and you can pull the structure with ease.

Like balloon tire wagons, big wheels don’t sink into the sand. Instead, they roll over it. The beach wagon wheels are made for all terrains, which means they’ll work off the beach just fine.

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Buying Guide for the Best Beach Wagon for Sand

Here are the considerations:

Quality Material

Beach wagons are undeniably not the cheapest beach gear. So, you should get value for your money upon making a purchase. That can only be realized if the wheeled structure serves you optimally and longer.

Simply put, you should go for quality materials. Starting with the frame, it should be sturdy and durable, and that brings us to powder-coated metals (either aluminum or steel).

The fabric should also be tough-built, UV resistant, tear-proof, and mold-resistant. In that regard, I recommend denier polyester.

Load Limit

Beach wagons, just like all other wheeled structures, have their maximum weight capacity. It’s generally recommended by the manufacturer that you don’t exceed it.

So, you should shop for the best wagon for sand that’ll comfortably carry all your beach supplies and kids.

Best Beach Wagon For Soft Sand

Small capacity wagons have a 75-100 lbs load limit while large-capacity carts have a 150 plus load capacity.

Ease Of Storage

You should find it easy to store away your beach wagon after use. Since storage space is a big factor, you should invest in an economical option.

The beach wagon doesn’t necessarily have to be small-sized. It could as well be bulky but with some elements of collapsibility, especially the wheels and handles. So, consider a folding wagon for beach.

Wheel Size

Most wagons for the sand come with large wheels for a reason. The larger they are, the less pressure they exert on the sand, and that enables them to roll over it. Simply put, it’s effortless to push a large-wheeled beach wagon on the sand.

Beach wagons do not just have thick and large wheels, but a majority of them have balloons or rubber types. These options are generally lightweight, thus easy to ride over-sand.

Ease Of Transportation

We’ve mentioned collapsibility as a way to save on storage space. In the same measure, it helps to save on your car’s carrying space. As a result, it becomes easy to transport it in your car trunk or backseat.

The other consideration when it comes to ease of transportation is the wagon’s weight. Generally, it’s more comfortable and more convenient to transport a lightweight beach wagon than its heavyweight counterpart.

Wagon Maneuverability

Generally, there is nothing more infuriating than trying to guide a beach wagon that doesn’t respond to your direction. It could easily discourage you from ever towing it to the beach.

For this reason, you have to get the purchase right, and this means going for an easy-to-manoeuver, best beach wagon for soft sand. Its handles should be adjustable while its front wheels should rotate.

Additionally, its wheels should preferably by all-terrain type so that you can have an equally enjoyable maneuvering experience off the beach.

Ease Of Assembly

You don’t expect to spend an hour or more trying to set up a beach wagon, do you? It should take seconds or just a couple of seconds. So, you need to buy a beach wagon that you can set up yourself.

You should also be able to do the disassembly yourself to save on time. Most beach wagons only require you to adjust their adjustable handles, wheels, and canopies.

Wagon Maintenance

Beach wagons for sand are generally exposed to harsh conditions like salt water and wet sand. If you are not careful, such conditions will shorten the life and reduce the effectiveness of your wagon.

Saltwater, for example, could cause corrosion and possibly attract mold due to wetness.

The secret is to go for an easy-to-clean beach wagon. The fabric should be breathable to discourage mold, and the flame should allow stress-free wiping.

Convenience Extras

It’s irrefutable that the purpose of a beach wagon is to carry and transport your supplies on the beach. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have fun using it.

As a result, look at the add-ons that make a particular beach wagon better than others and invest in it. I’m talking about things like:

  • Umbrella holder or canopy
  • Multiple pockets for small valuables
  • Adjustable handle
  • Straps for securing your cargo
  • Cup holders
  • Utility trays
  • Phone holder

5 Best Beach Wagons for Sand

They include:

1. Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon

(load capacity – 150 lbs)

Simplicity is the best and most ideal word to describe the Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon. As a utility wagon, this wheeled structure can carry just about anything and work anywhere.

You can use it on the beach and off the beach, on parks, gardens, and shopping centers.

Its loading capacity is 150 pounds, which means there is even room for your toddler once you pack the supplies.

The wagon features a heavy-duty frame and mildew-resistant fabric. It’s compact during storage and comes in multiple colors.

The Mac Sports Folding Utility Wagon weighs 22.5 pounds and measures 29.5 by 20 by 8 inches.

MacSport Beach Wagon

2. Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All-Terrain Utility Wagon

(load capacity – 150 lbs)

The Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All-Terrain Utility Wagon is another exemplary utility wagon. It’s solidly built to support up to 150 pounds and has a large holding area for your beach supplies.

The wagon is collapsible, which makes it pack-friendly and portable. It’s also an all-terrain utility wagon, which means it’s a handy option not just on the beach but also on the park and garden.

The wagon features tough 600D polyester, which is also wipe-friendly. It has a telescoping handle for maneuverability and two cup holders for drink placement.

The collapsible wagon weighs 22 pounds and measures 36.2 by 21.4 by 24.5 inches.

MacSport Heavy Duty Beach Wagon

3. Radio Flyer Beach and Boardwalk Wagon

(load capacity – 150 lbs)

If you are looking for a beach wagon that will also carry and shield your toddler from the sun, consider the Radio FlyerBeach and Boardwalk Wagon.

The beach wagon can hold up to 150 pounds if you count your toddler and the cargo.

The wagon allows you to collapse the child’s seat to create more space for holding the beach supplies.

Its seat has a seatbelt to secure your toddler while its canopy is UV-rated to protect your child against the ultraviolet rays.

The fold up beach wagon collapses easily for convenient storage and features an easy-to-clean construction.

It weighs 26.5 pounds and measures 40.5 by 25.8 by 40.1 inches.

Radio Flyer Beach Wagon

4. Aukar Folding Push Wagon Cart with Canopy

(load capacity – unspecified)

If you are looking for a beach wagon that you can also use at home or for shopping, the Aukar Folding Push Wagon Cart with Canopy is a perfect match.

It has a removable UV protected canopy that makes it perfect for the hot beach conditions.

The wagon also comes with a user-friendly telescoping handle that makes its maneuverability effortless. The existence of large rotating wheels also enhances its maneuverability.

The folding wagon with canopy has an-easy-to-wash 600D polyester. It collapses easily to encourage convenient storage.

The Aukar Folding Push Wagon Cart weighs 33.5 pounds and measures 41.3 by 24.4 by 43.7 inches.

5. VIVOSUN Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding Utility Wagon

(load capacity – 80 kg)

The VIVOSUN Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding Utility Wagon is another solidly-built high capacity beach wagon. It’s well-crafted to provide you with a spacious storage room, enough to hold up to 80Kg.

The beach wagon comes in a collapsible design, which means you can store and transport it with ease. Since it’s a utility wagon, you can also use it off the beach.

The heavy duty wagon is made of mold-resistant and waterproof fabric. The structure is also easy to clean and features an adjustable handle and rotating wheels.

It weighs 11.1 kg and measures 36.22 by 21.65 by 14.96 inches when unfolded.

Vivosun Beach Wagon

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1. Which Is The Best Beach Wagon For Sand?

I have five foldable beach wagons that are impressive in all sense. So, it may be hard to choose among them. But if you are looking for the best budget buy, then I recommend Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon.

It costs under $100 but enjoys the convenience that most expensive beach wagons relish.

2. Which Are The Qualities Of The Best Beach Wagons?

The best beach wagons should be sturdily-built, easy to maneuver and set up and easy to store and transport. It should also be maintenance friendly and should come with big and robust wheels.

Additionally, going for a beach wagon with umbrella, side pockets, cup holders, or canopy is a smart idea.

3. Why Should I Buy A Beach Wagon?

Beach supplies can be heavy to move around. So, you need a beach wagon to save you from the burden of having to carry heavy loads outdoors.

You can even carry your toddler on this wheeled structure.

Some of them come with extra like storage pouches, canopies, phone holders, and fastening straps that make them more useful than just carriage structures.

4. Is There A Difference Between A Beach Wagon And Beach Cart?

Yes, there is, and it’s in the wheels and design. Beach carts come with just two large wheels and take a more upright position. They also have taller handles and feature hanging bars.

Beach wagons, on the other hand, are four-wheeled and have a broader storage area. Their design makes them more user-friendly than beach carts.

5. How Can I Clean A Beach Wagon?

Given that the wet sand is likely to stick on the wagon’s surface and wheels, you should wipe it off after leaving the beach. Preferably, use clean soapy water.

Saltwater could be another threat to your wagon’s strength. So, ensure you rinse off the wagon’s frame with water after washing with soapy water. It’s also imperative that the cart dries well before using it.


The best beach wagon for sand can make a big difference for you when it comes to carrying supplies on the beach. So, why weigh yourself down when there’s an option? Consider getting this wheeled structure today and get to have some fun on the beach.

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