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Kayak fishing is a fun water activity. Sadly though, not everyone is lucky to find the best kayak. I’m talking about big guys, and that’s where I come in.

Best Fishing Kayak For Big Guys

I’m writing this post to help you find the best fishing kayak for big guys. Whether you are looking to discover new water channels, keep your body in shape or compete in a kayak water contest, the right kayak can make all the difference.

Why Do Big Guys Have a Challenge Finding Fishing Kayaks?

Primarily, that’s because most kayaks on the market come with smaller weight load capacities. You’ll find them with weigh limits not exceeding 300 pounds.

Also, most kayaks have a small and shallow cockpit, while others require you to sit in (what we call sit-in kayaks). Such options, unfortunately, are not roomy enough for plus-size guys.

Which Fishing Kayak Types Suit Big Guys?

Though we have sit-in kayaks, they are not suitable for big guys. Sit-in kayaks have smaller cockpits, and their beams are narrow. So, it becomes difficult for big guys to access them.

So, the best picks are either:

1. Inflatable Kayaks

These kayaks are pumped up at high pressure to make them rigid but buoyant. For that reason, you can paddle while standing. A majority come with smaller capacities, but we have a few others that come with higher limits.

2. Sit-On-Top Kayaks

These kayaks come with larger cockpits, thus more accessible for big guys. They also allow you to sit comfortably while stretching out your legs since they have ample legroom.

What’s more, these kayaks are very stable even to allow big guys to fish while standing. Though they may be more expensive than inflatable kayaks, they are worth the money.

Buying Guide for the Best Fishing Kayak for Big Guys

Here are the top buying considerations:

Load Capacity

Every kayak comes with a load capacity that you are not supposed to exceed. So, the secret is to go for a kayak load capacity that’s more than your weight.

Remember, you don’t just need to count your overall weight and that of others if you are not kayaking alone. You also need to include that of your fishing gear.

On my list are options for 350 lb, 400 lb, 500 lb, and 650 lb weight capacities. So, find your match.

Kayak Weight

It’s not just your bodyweight that you should consider but also the vessel’s weight. Though you need a solidly-built kayak, you should be able to carry it.

So, the water vessel should be lightweight to allow you to move it with ease. A lightweight big man kayak also makes kayaking easy. Unlike the heavy types, you don’t put in so much effort kayaking using a lightweight device.

Kayak Size

You need to consider both the length and width of a kayak when you are a big guy. Starting with its length, look for an option that’s at least 10-foot long. That should be enough to promote buoyancy.

As for the width, you need to look for a broader kayak to allow you to get out of it quickly. If you are huge, look for a width that is about 30 inches.

Kayak Comfort

There are so many aspects of the kayak’s comfort that you need to consider. For one, the cockpit should be roomy for easy maneuverability. Its width, in particular, should allow you to move freely.

You also need to consider the seat’s padding and recline-ability. The seat should be well padded or come in the form of molded plastic, which is equally comfortable.

It should also recline, especially its backrest, to also improve its comfort.

Material Strength

The material type directly determines the overall weight and durability of a kayak. You need a high weight capacity kayak that can serve you longer, and that means going for high-quality materials.

You’ll find most kayaks featuring polyethylene because of its long shelf life, shock absorption, and water-resistance properties.

But we also see other less costly materials like soft-shell and fiberglass becoming more popular because of their abrasion resistance qualities.

Cockpit Type

It’s paramount that you find a kayak cockpit that matches your body shape when you are huge. Here are the considerations:

Keyhole cockpit – It is about 32 inches long and relatively wide with ample legroom.

Recreational cockpit – It measures 36 by 20 inches and tends to take a square or oval shape to offer you lots of maneuverability space.

Ocean cockpit – It is 26 by 20 inches and comes in an either elliptical or oval shape. It’s also broad to give you a comfortable seating space.

Number Of Users

Most kayaks can accommodate 1-3 users or even more at a given time, provided they don’t exceed their loading capacity. That brings us to the term tandem, which describes bigger kayaks with higher load capacities.

You should note, however, that tandem vessels are less maneuverable on speedy waters as well as on tighter turns. So, if you are only buying a kayak for yourself, go for a single-person kayak.

Fishing Location

You must consider your fishing terrain carefully when picking a fishing kayak for big guys. For example, you should not buy an inflated kayak if you are planning to paddle in a rocky river.

If you do, there’s always the risk of sharp rocks puncturing your water vessel. Instead, you should go for the sit-on-top type.

But if the water surface is smooth, then you can go for inflatables.

Kayak Depth

Generally, a deeper kayak offers you more room to maneuver, thus better comfort. You should also note that you are likely to feel more comfortable if the seat is on the kayak’s lower deck. That’s because of a lower center of gravity.

Best Kayak Types for Big Guys and Top Recommendations.

Now that you know that you should shop for a sit-on-top or inflatable kayak, if you are big, you should know what kind. Here are the major categories and recommendations for each.

1. Fishing Kayak 350Lb Capacity

If you weigh slightly above 300 pounds and are looking for a solo kayak, then you should go for a one-seat 350lb capacity.

Since these kayaks are designed for single plus-size users, they come with large cockpits and storage areas. Their seats are spacious, adjustable, and breathable to allow you to fish all day if you wish to.

They are also averagely tall and come in a durable construction.

Best pick – Sevylor Coleman Colorado Fishing Kayak

Here’s why you should consider the Sevylor Coleman Colorado Fishing Kayak:

The kayak comes with a lawn chair seat style that provides the ultimate all-day sitting comfort. The seat is also adjustable to allow you to raise and lower it conveniently.

This big man fishing kayak comes in a leak-proof construction to encourage buoyancy and paddling safety.  It features a large front that gives you more legroom to paddle with ease.

Sevylor Fishing Kayak

There’s also open rear storage for your fishing supplies, and it comes gear-packed with a fish-finder console, rod storage, and gear tracks. As a result, it is ready to start fishing.

2. Fishing Kayak 400Lb Capacity

400Lb capacity kayaks are generally suited to big guys who are looking to paddle on small water bodies. So, if your target is a mild river or lake and you weigh less than 400 pounds, you should consider this option.

A majority of these kayaks are inflatable, which means you shouldn’t use them on rocky waters. The kayaks come with ample cockpit space and are quite comfortable.

Best Pick – Intex Explorer K2 2-Person Inflatable Kayak

Here’s why you should consider the Intex Explorer K2 2-Person Inflatable Kayak:

The kayak for large man comes with two seats that are adjustable to the backrest. The cockpit is roomy enough to accommodate two kayakers.

The water vessel comes in a bright yellow body that makes it noticeable from a distance. It also comes with a high-output pump to inflate it faster and effectively.

Its body takes a streamlined design that makes paddling much more relaxed. Additionally, it’s lightweight and easy to assemble.

Intext Fishing Kayak

3. Fishing Kayak 500Lb Capacity

Most fishing kayaks with a 500 lb capacity are for solo users, but we also have a few other tandem options (for more users). So, if you wish to fish with a friend, this category may suit you.

You only need to ensure that you and your fishing gear do not exceed 500 lbs.  Expect these kayaks to provide you with multiple footrest angles and to come with well-padded seats.

Best pick – Pelican Sentinel Fishing Kayak

Here’s why you should consider the Pelican Sentinel Fishing Kayak:

The water vessel is a solo kayak. It’s 9’6″-foot long, which makes it ideal for medium-height huge kayakers.

The kayak for large person comes with rear storage for your fishing supplies on the water vessel. This water vessel also comes with three holders for your fishing rods, along with the ExoPak, a removable storage compartment that fits perfectly into the tank well.

It’s sturdily-built to support up to 275 pounds and features a well-padded seat. And at a total weight of 44lbs, it is easy to transport.

Pelican Fishing Kayak

4. Fishing Kayak 650Lb Capacity

If you are looking for a tandem fishing kayak that can hold more than 500 pounds, consider a 650lb capacity vessel. These water vessels are sturdily-built to hold up to 650 pounds without capsizing.

They feature adjustable seats and come with excellent back support to allow you to paddle for long hours. The majority are lightweight and portable.

Best pick – Driftsun Almanor Inflatable Recreational Touring Kayak

Here’s why you should consider the Driftsun Almanor Inflatable Recreational Touring Kayak:

The kayak comes with a 3-person capacity to allow you to bring two friends to your kayaking adventure. Included is a foot pump that lets you pump up the kayak in minutes and be on your way paddling.

This water vessel only weighs 32 pounds and comes with a carry bag for its convenient transportation. Its deluxe seats come with back support to allow you to sit and paddle more comfortably.

Furthermore, it has two rear molded skegs to allow you to paddle less effortlessly and faster.

Driftsun Fishing Kayak

5. Fishing Kayaks for Big and Tall Guys

If you are huge and about 6 feet tall, you should go for a kayak that can accommodate both your weight and height. The good news is that kayaks for tall guys do exist, and they come with ample volume to make you feel comfortable when paddling.

Most of these types are tandem style, which means you should expect them to come with higher load capacities and to accommodate two or more kayakers.

They come well-padded and sturdily-built to allow you to paddle comfortably and safely.

Best pick – Elkton Outdoors Fishing Kayak

Here’s why you should consider the Elkton Outdoors Fishing Kayak:

This best kayak for tall man comes with a 3-person capacity, which means you can bring a friend or two to your kayaking exploit.

It’s well-equipped with softly- padded seats, six-rod holders, one cargo strap, two flexible aluminum paddles, and two water-resistant hatches.

The kayak comes in a well-molded polyethylene material to enable you to balance on the water. Moreover, both the seat and backrest are easily adjusted and well-padded to feel comfortable.

Elkton Fishing Kayak

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1. Which Is The Best Fishing Kayak For A Big Man?

You can either go for a sit-on-top kayak or an inflatable kayak. It all depends on what you like. Consider the options on my list for the best pick.

2. Where Can I Buy The Best Kayak For Big Guys?

The best place would be Amazon. You’ll access reviews from past customers who have bought the kayaks and tested them. You’ll also have a glance at the product rating and price to determine if you should proceed with the order or not.

3. Why Should I Buy The Best Kayak For Heavy Person?

You need an option that can hold your weight and one that you can access and paddle more comfortably if you are big. Those are the kayaks that I recommend on this list.

4. Should I Buy A Single-Person Kayak Or A Tandem?

If you prefer fishing solo, then it makes sense to go for a single-person kayak. The option will provide you with lots of storage room. The downside is that you can get lonely.

If you want to bring in some company, then you should get a tandem kayak. You can tag your friends along with such an option. The downside is that tandems cramp easily.

5. Are Kayaks For Fishing Safe For Big Guys?

There are no guarantees each time you take a water vessel like a kayak out. You should note, however, that top kayak brands come with additional safety features and are strongly-built to allow you to paddle safely.


It makes sense to buy a fishing kayak for big guys when you are a plus size kayaker. I have recommended five kayaks that you’ll find useful in your kayaking exploits. If I were you, I would be placing the order right now.

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