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Beach Lounge Chair

Whether you want to lie on your back or belly, sit upright or incline at an angle, the best portable beach lounge chair is always a handy option.

Such a chair makes it more relaxing to spend time on the beach. You can take a nap on it, marvel at the magnificent blue sky, or read your favorite book on such a chair.

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The best part is that beach lounge chairs are portable, which means you can collapse and carry yours on the go. Some come with shoulder straps that enable users to carry them as backpacks.

But how do you shop for the best portable lounge chair for the beach?

I recommend that you go through my buying guide for the answer. But if you don’t have time and would prefer to buy the best portable lounge chair right away, check out my top list on the table of content.

Buying Guide for the Best Portable Beach Lounge Chair

When shopping for an excellent portable beach lounge chair, consider these parameters:

1. Adequate Padding

A lounge chair is supposed to be super comfortable. That’s what sets them apart from other beach chairs. But still, you have to verify that it is the case.

You have to consider a lounge chair with adequate padding. For starters, you need to pay attention to the seat. It needs to be thickly-padded to enable you to rest for longer and more comfortably.

And considering that you’ll be laying on your back more often, your lounge chair should also be well cushioned on the back area.

Ostrich 3 N 1 Beach Chair

The other considerations are the armrests, the headrest, and the leg rest.

2. Strong Frame

The frame of the beach lounge chair is what supports your weight. As a result, it has to be super sturdy.

You need to go for durable and rust-resistant metal to avoid the effects of saltwater. Simply put, the frame should be rustproof-coated aluminum or steel.

Such options are better than wood, which rots, and plastic that is brittle. Steel and treated aluminum are also waterproof, which means they are not affected by extreme weather.

As a result, you can count on such chairs to serve you longer than plastic and wooden beach lounge chairs.

3. Weight Capacity

Beach lounge chairs come with specified weight capacities. Ideally, that is meant to help buyers pick chairs that can sustain their weight.

Most of these chairs have a 250-lbs weight limit, thus suitable for anyone who weighs less than 250 pounds.

I have indicated the load capacity for the lounge beach chairs on my list to help you find your match.

4. Multi-Positional Recline

Lounge beach chairs get their names from being super-comfortable. Primarily, that is due to their reclining ability.

But still, you shouldn’t just buy a lounge chair unless you confirm that it freely reclines and locks into position, What’s more, it should recline in multiple ways.

The chair needs to allow you to sit or lie down in whichever position you want. So, if you can get up to four recline positions or more, then you should consider such a beach lounge chair.

5. Packable

A good beach lounge chair should be easy to fold and pack. You shouldn’t struggle to do it so that you can save time.

The advantage of going for a folding lounge chair is not just because of its packing ability. It also saves on storage space at home and when you have to carry it in your car.

It’s at this point that I recommend beach lounge chairs with shoulder straps. Such options allow users to fold them and carry them on the back.

A majority of them look like backpacks and even have convenience side pockets like the usual backpacks.

6. Lightweight

A good beach chair should be lightweight to encourage portability. So, ensure you check out the weight to make sure you can carry it.

Considering that most beach lounge chairs are packable, you shouldn’t be overwhelmed by the weight.

I have identified most beach lounge chairs to be weighing about 20 pounds. But still, there are a few others that weigh less than 10 pounds.

7. High Back

A high back is a top consideration if you are looking to improve your seating comfort on a beach lounge chair. Generally, seats with a high back tend to be twice as comfortable as those with a low back.

The high back also means having more room once you recline the chair into a flat position. Overall, high back beach chairs lounges are an excellent option for people with back problems.

8. Ease Of Use

There is nothing more frustrating than a beach lounge chair that just can’t fold or adjust though it’s supposed to. Also, there is nothing more depressing than an option that is too complicated to set up.

So, if you are looking to find value for money in a given beach lounge chair, you should make sure it’s user-friendly. The headrest and backrest should be adjustable, and so should the seat and canopy if present.

Moreover, its reclining system should be lockable to allow you to sit on the chair securely.

9. Quality Fabric

Given that you’ll be using the beach lounger chair in the outdoors, it shall be exposed to harsh weather, more so the hot sun, and wetness. As a result, the fabric should be able to withstand that.

You also have to consider fabrics that are tear-resistant and easy to clean. Top considerations, in this case, include canvas, polyester, and nylon.

10. Convenience Add-Ons

A beach lounge chair can be funnier to use if it comes with add-ons that boost its convenience. My favorite add-on is the adjustable, removable shade canopy that offers shelters against the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

I also like lounge chairs that come with accessory trays where I can place my phone, drink, or snack.

Lately, I have been enjoying lounge chairs with zero gravity since they give me a weightless seating experience. It’s more like seating on space.

I also cannot forget to recommend those with padded shoulder straps for convenient back carrying.

5 Best Portable Beach Lounge Chairs Based on the Buying Guide

Having met the specifications on my buying guide, I recommend these five portable beach lounge chairs:

1. Mac Sports 2-in-1 Beach Folding Lounge Chair + Cargo Cart

(load capacity – 225 lbs)

I have never been impressed by a beach lounge chair more than with the Mac Sports Beach Folding Lounge Chair + Cargo Cart.

This beach lounge chair doubles up a convenient cargo cart. So, you’ll be buying a pull cart and a beach lounge chair as a single product.

It has sturdy all-terrain wheels, which makes it suited to the patio, garden, and of course, the beach terrain.

The chair is readily collapsible to enable you to carry it conveniently and enjoys four recline positions. It also features a built-in pillow for your head and a telescoping handle for transporting it with ease.

And above, it comes in a robust powder-coated aluminum steel construction to support up to 225 pounds.

The chaise lounge beach chair weighs 20.9 lbs and measures 60.6 by 30.3 by 23.7 inches.

Mac Sports Beach Day Foldable Chaise Lounge Chair

Key highlights

  • 2-in-1 design
  • Strong aluminum frame
  • Wide, strong wheels
  • Tough 600D fabric
  • 4-positional recline
  • Built-in headrest

2. EVER ADVANCED Oversize XL Zero Gravity Recliner

(load capacity – 350 lbs)

The EVER ADVANCED Oversize XL Zero Gravity Recliner is a zero gravity chair, which means it has the weightlessness experience of someone on space.

The chair comes with add-ons like a canopy for providing shade and an accessory tray which features a cup holder.

The fantastic chair is made from steel, which gives it sufficient strength to hold up to 350 pounds. Its construction also features a Textilene mesh that’s UV-resistant, thus fade-proof.

This beach chair also comes with an adjustable headrest that you can take off if you wish so. It’s readily foldable and requires no assembly.

The portable beach lounger weighs 20.5 lbs and measures 34 by 27 by 49 inches.

portable beach lounge chair

Key highlights

  • Weightless experience (gravity-defying)
  • Fade-proof fabric
  • Accessory tray
  • Double bungee system
  • Adjustable canopy
  • Lockable tilt

3. Amazon Basics Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Recliners

(load capacity – 250 lbs)

If you are looking to buy a set of two comfortable and solidly-built beach lounge chairs, consider this pack from Amazon Basics Products.

Each of the chairs features an impressive recline lock system that secures you in a zero-gravity position.

The chair is easily collapsible for convenient transportation and comes with an adjustable padded headrest.

Its construction is steel, just like its counterpart above, to support up to 250 pounds. It also features UV resistant Textilene that improves its overall durability.

Its major add-on is an accessory tray with sections for drinks, snacks, and phone.

beach chair for older person

The lightweight folding beach lounge chair weighs 37.4 lbs and measures 32.5 by 25.0 by 44.0 inches.

Key highlights

  • Zero-gravity experience
  • Strong frame
  • UV-resistant fabric
  • Removable, padded pillow
  • Accessory tray
  • Double bungee system

4. Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair

(load capacity – 300 lbs)

So far, the Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair is the best beach lounge chair out there for plus-size users. The fantastic lounge chair is strongly-built to hold 300 pounds comfortably.

It features a durable Textilene that is firmly suspended by a two-fold bungee system. This chair is very stable and safe, and this is evident through its tip locking system.

The chair has a smooth recline system and features an adjustable headrest. One of its best highlights is the lumbar support, which makes it the best pick for people with back issues.

The chair also enjoys a spacious seat (20.5 inches), which is ideal for plus-size users.

It weighs 18 pounds and measures 38.6 by 26.4 by 6.3 inches when folded.

Hera's Palace Outdoor Reclining Lawn Chair

Key highlights

  • Strong steel frame
  • Tough Textilene fabric
  • Spacious seat
  • Zero-gravity experience
  • Double bungee system
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Lumbar support

5. Pacific Breeze Lounger – 2 Pack

(load capacity – unspecified)

If you are also looking for another two-set beach lounger chair, then you should consider the Pacific Breeze Lounger. It’s a budget pick, which makes it the best dual set for budget buyers.

It’s lightweight (slightly above 6 lbs) and comes with back straps that allow you to carry it on the back.

The chair is fully-padded from the head area to the foot position, which makes it perfect for light naps on the beach. Though it’s lightweight, the chair features sturdy steel frames, which makes it long-lasting.

It’s readily foldable and features a zippered pocket where you can keep small personal items.

The cheap beach lounge chair measures 27.5 by 21.0 inches.

Pacific Breeze Lounger

Key highlights

  • Fully-padded
  • Foldable
  • Backpack straps
  • Zipper pocket
  • Solid frame
  • Two-pack set

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1. Which Is The Best Beach Lounge Chair?

In my view, it has to be the Mac Sports Beach Folding Lounge Chair + Cargo Cart. Its ability to double up as a sturdy pull cart makes it cost-effective and handy. So, you don’t need to buy a beach cart if you have this beach chair.

It’s also lightweight, easily collapsible, and quite comfortable.

2.  How Can I Buy The Best Beach Lounge Chair?

As a starting point, you need to go for a chair that’s comfortable, portable, strong inbuilt, and safe. Reread my buyer’s guide for detailed information on the buying considerations.

3. Which Beach Lounge Chair Is Best For Plus-Size?

I have to recommend the Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair because of its ability to hold up to 300 pounds. The folding beach lounge chair is solidly built and comes with excellent lumbar support.

It also has a wide seat, which makes it great for plus-size users.

4. How Much Weight Do Beach Lounge Chairs Hold?

It depends on the chair’s construction. A majority of beach chairs hold a maximum load of 225-250 pounds. But still, there are a few others with a 300 lbs load limit and others with even much higher capacity.

5.  Which Safety Features Are Essential For Beach Lounge Chairs?

First, the chair should be sturdily-built to support your weight. Two, it should come with a locking system that secures it at a specific angle.

Three, it should have lumbar support to give you adequate back comfort. Last, consider options with adjustable canopies for sheltering against the sun’s ultraviolet rays.


You now have the buying guide and recommendations for the best portable beach lounge chair. You can now go ahead and make a choice.

With it, you can start relaxing much better and safer on the beach. Overall, it could be the best beach chair you’ll ever buy.

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