The 3 Best Solar Phone Chargers for the Beach

If you’re looking for a phone charger that can stand up to the elements, then you need a solar phone charger for the beach. These phone chargers are designed to withstand the sun, sand, and water, so you can keep your phone charged no matter where you are. Solar phone chargers for the beach come in a variety of styles and sizes, so you can find one that fits your needs. Whether you’re looking for a small and portable charger or a larger charger that can charge multiple devices, there’s a solar phone charger for the beach that’s perfect for you. Let’s take a look as some great options.

Top 3 Solar Phone Chargers for the Beach

  1. Top Pick – Licorne Solar Charger Power Bank
  2. Best Value – BLAVOR 10W Portable Solar Charger
  3. Premium Choice – BigBlue 3 USB-A 28W Solar Charger

Licorne Solar Charger Power Bank

We use our smart phones for everything – music, pictures, directions and phone calls. And when we are at the beach we want to keep the music playing and document the adventure which means there needs to be a way to charge your phone. The Licorne Solar Charger Power Bank has an impressive 30,000mAh that can support thousands of charge cycles, charge two smartphones simultaneously or a tablet at full speed.

Two led lights can be used as a flashlight. Five pilot indicators show the status of battery charger; green light comes on when charging by solar and blue light on when USB charging. This Licorne Solar Charger Power Bank is made waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. Perfect for your day at the beach or any travel.

BLAVOR 10W Portable Solar Charger

With over ten years of experience in solar panels fields, BLAVOR has already gained the trust of over 27 million global users. This foldable solar charger 10W with USB outputs (5V, 2A max), equipped with 2 USB output ports, can charge two small devices at the same time, compatible with smartphones, tablets, and speakers.

The BLAVOR 10W Portable Solar Charger has a durable premium oxford cloth cover, is waterproof and dustproof. And it is ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, picnics, and unexpected power outages.

BigBlue 3 USB-A 28W Solar Charger

This highly efficient SunPower solar panel can convert up to 24% of solar power into free energy, allowing you to charge multiple devices at once. It comes with smart charge technology which can recognize your device smartly then providing optimal charging speed vary with different devices

BigBlue 3 USB-A28W Solar Charger has a special PET polymer surface that protects the solar panel from occasional rain or wet fog and three ports are covered with rubber cover to protect them from dust or water damage. This solar charger is a great option if you’re taking an extended camping trip or if you’re traveling somewhere with an unreliable power grid. With compact size (11.6 × 6.3× 1.3in folded) and lightweight (20.5 oz) design, it is portable and light enough to fit into any camping backpack or hiking daypack. It is also a must have for stashing in an emergency kit.

Benefits of Solar Phone Chargers for the Beach

There are four benefits of Solar Phone Chargers for the Beach:

1. They can help you stay connected while you’re away from home.

2. They’re a great way to keep your phone charged while you’re out and about.

3. They’re environmentally friendly.

4. They’re relatively inexpensive.

If you like to stay connected on the go, a solar phone charger will help you to keep your cell phone topped up without the need for any electricity. Perfect for sunny days on the beach, these clever little chargers work by harnessing the power of the sun into Li-polymer batteries that can give you many hours of charge for your cell phone or tablet. Some come with a foldable design when not in use, are high-efficiency and come with USB ports for high-speed charging, and the rugged construction has been specifically designed for use in the great outdoors.

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We all want to stay connected and entertained whether at the beach, camping, traveling, or hiking and solar chargers are a great way to make that happen and the BigBlue 3 USB-A 28W Solar Charger is my preferred choice.

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