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Best Beach Umbrella with Wooden Pole

Gone are the days when all you needed to escape the scorching sun was a sunhat and sunscreen. With global warming taking a toll on our lives, you need a better way to block ultraviolet rays from the sun, and that brings us to beach umbrellas.

Overall, these umbrellas come in metallic and wooden poles, but our focus will be on the beach umbrella with wooden pole.

beach umbrella with wooden pole

Beach umbrellas provide you with ample shade and protection against the harsh ultraviolet rays. As a result, they leave the flaming star with no opportunity to mess up your vacation.

What’s more, the umbrellas act as a wind repellant. They can shield you against the effects of strong wind, which means you can relax undisturbed.

But, why wooden pole and not metallic? What should you look for in the best beach umbrellas with wooden poles? And which are the best beach umbrellas with wooden poles?

We’ll answer all the three questions in this post. We’ll also answer five of the most frequently asked questions about the umbrellas.

Let’s get started.

Why Should I Buy a Beach Umbrella with Wooden Pole?

The biggest challenge for buyers is finding a beach umbrella that doesn’t collapse easily, mainly due to light breeze. That, however, is not the case when you invest in the best beach umbrellas with wooden poles.

Wood also has a natural, timeless appeal. The appearance of these umbrellas makes them perfect on a natural landscape like a beach.

Unlike beach umbrellas with metallic poles, wooden options have antirust properties. They don’t corrode upon coming into contact with salt water, thus more durable.

What Should You Look for in the Best Beach Umbrellas with Wooden Pole? The Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking to buy the most effective beach umbrella with a wooden pole, these factors are a must-consider:

Wood Type

Wood poles are made from different species, such as ash and beech plants. The commonest, however, is ash, and that explains why a majority of beach umbrellas come with ash wood poles.

But why beach umbrella ash wood pole?

Ashwood is hard, durable, chemical-resistant, and relatively dense. It’s also elastic, which means it can stretch and take up different shapes.

Ashwood also takes up stains and colors correctly while maintaining a woody look.

But still, beech can be a decent option if coated with anti-corrosion wax oil.

Canopy Size

If you want more shade from your beach umbrella, you have to go for a bigger canopy. There are no two ways to it. If the canopy is too small, then you can expect the shade to be so.

You have to consider where you’ll be setting up the umbrella. If it’s an open place with no physical constraints like branches and walls, then you should go for a size enough to shelter your beach blanket or beach chair.

Weather-Proof Umbrella

The beach canopy that you buy should offer resistance against the following aspects of weather:

Strong winds – You need its canopy to resist tearing caused by the strong wind. You also need its ribs to resist breakage from the same.

As a result, it’s a good idea to check the windproof rating for the canvas beach umbrella with wooden pole.

  • Water – The material should resist saltwater damage and should dry faster after wetting. Significant considerations are acrylic, polyester, and olefin.
  • Sun – The canopy should have an anti-sun protective layer to resists fading and physical damage.
  • UPF Rating

Most people buy beach umbrellas precisely to shield themselves against the damaging ultraviolet rays. So, how do you know that a given beach umbrella shall offer you UV protection?

Well, you just need to look at its UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) rating. Usually, a UPF rating is a straight indicator of the umbrella’s UV filtering ability.

The best beach umbrellas with wooden poles come with a 50+ UPF rating, which implies they are capable of blocking off at least 98% of the sun’s UV rays.


Quality beach umbrellas with wooden poles last longer. They are made from durable materials, and it’s not just their wooded poles.

One advantage of wooden poles is that they are rustproof. That’s one area you don’t have to worry about. But still, you have to consider other parts, in particular the canopy.

You should go for faster drying, a chemical-resistant, and sturdy fabric like polyester, olefin, or acrylic. These materials are also weather-resistant and mold-resistant.

Ease of Cleanness

Given that beach umbrellas are likely to get dirt and dust, they should be easy to clean. You, however, don’t have to worry about a wooden pole here as it’s treated to be wiped quickly and dry faster.

What you should pay attention to is the canopy fabric. Consider options that clean easily with soap and water like polyester, acrylic, and olefin.


Compared to beach umbrellas with aluminum poles, a wooden beach umbrella is not the lightest. But still, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try your best to find the best portable option.

Remember, you need a beach umbrella that you can set up, disassemble and transport easily. So, you not only have to look at the weight but also the size of the beach umbrella.

Ask yourself the following questions beforehand:

  • Can I carry the beach umbrella?
  • Is it collapsible?
  • Can it fit into my car’ truck?

If the answer is yes, then it’s portable and worth buying.

Easy Installation

As mentioned, you need a beach umbrella that you can set up quickly. You should spend as little time as possible, putting up the shelter and get more time to enjoy the shade.

So, how can you identify such options? You have to do your homework, and it starts with reading reviews.

Other customers can help you know if it’s an easier-to-install umbrella or not. Generally, you can never go wrong with reviews.

5 Best Wood Pole Beach Umbrellas Based on the Buying Guide

Having considered the above buying guide, here are the best five beach umbrellas with wooden poles:

1. Sport-Brella Adjustable Umbrella 

The Sport-Brella Adjustable Umbrella is the perfect definition of function and style. It comes in 9 different attractive colors that include beach ball, pacific blue, and forest green.

You’ll get the umbrella in four available sizes and configurations. With a total weight of 1.8 pounds.

Things You’ll Like:

  • Features heavy-duty olefin fabric with a 50+UPF rating to guarantee maximum UV protection
  • The olefin fabric also possess fade-proof, mold-resistant, tear-proof, and easy-to-clean properties
  • Its 1.38 ashwood pole features stainless steel rivets that enables it to withstand strong wind and sun damage
  • The umbrella comes with a two-year anti-fading warranty and a one-year frame warranty
  • A carry bag is included to enable you to carry the umbrella on the go conveniently
Sport-Brella Umbrella

2. Wondershade Ultimate Portable Umbrella 

This is another best beach umbrella by Frankford Umbrellas that promises to serve you longer and better. It comes in a 7.5 ft and 6.5 ft size, just like its counterpart above.

The beach umbrella comes in at least 20 color choices, which makes it one of the most stylish beach umbrellas on the market today.

Overall, the beach umbrella (7.5 ft size) weighs 15 pounds and measures 57 by six by 6 inches when folded, thus portable.

Things You’ll Like:

  • Features a 1.38-inch heavy-duty ash wood pole that promotes wind resistance and longevity
  • Has a rugged and tough-built acrylic canopy with a 50+UPF rating to give you maximum UV protection
  • The acrylic canopy also possess anti-fading, mold-resistant, anti-tear, and anti-stretch properties
  • Comes with a 10-year fading warranty and a 2-year frame guarantee
  • Included is a carry bag for easy packing
Wondershade Ultimate Umbrella

3. Formosa Covers 7ft Wooden Market Umbrella with Tilt Mechanism

The Formosa Covers 7ft Wooden Market Umbrella is a premium quality wooden umbrella by Formosa Covers. Though the manufacturer doesn’t indicate its UPF rating, they promise a lot of shade.

The umbrella works well on tables with pole supports. It is about 7ft tall, which makes it a perfect pick for the beach.

The Formosa Covers 7ft Wooden Market Umbrella is an all-round umbrella, which means you can also use it on your patio or garden.

Things You’ll Like:

  • Its 7ft wooden pole comes in magnificent terracotta and brick red colors
  • Its frame is made from solid hardwood, which makes it durable and wind-resistant
  • Features a 300D polyester canopy that’s fast-drying, chemical-resistant, fade-proof, and durable
  • Enjoys a tilt mechanism that promotes multi-positional shading
Formosa Covers 7ft wooden market umbrella

4. Caribbean Joe Beach Umbrella

The Caribbean Joe Beach Umbrella is the perfect buy for the beach and the patio. It comes in multiple stylish colors like navy, teal/white, and blue/white that enables it to blend with most backgrounds.

This beach umbrella by Caribbean Joe comes in size 230 cm, which is enough for a family. It weighs 10.18 pounds, a load that makes it readily portable.

Things You’ll Like:

  • Features a 1.38 inch 7ft ash wood pole that gives it resistance against the strong wind
  • The pole is supported by eight strong fiberglass ribs that also makes the umbrella wind-resistant
  • Its canopy edges have an attractive stitch design
  • Its canopy is also water-resistant and UPF50-rated to promise excellent UV protection
  • A carry bag is included to enable you to carry the umbrella conveniently
Caribbean Joe Beach Umbrella

5. Ammsun 6.5ft Twice Folded Umbrella

The Ammsun Umbrella with Wooden Rod is by far the most elegant hanging beach umbrella on the market today. While this is a top-selling point for the umbrella, there is more that it brings on the table.

It comes in solid construction and offers maximum UV protection. The Ammsun Umbrella with Wooden Rod is versatile to suit beach and garden applications.

Its size is 3m by 3m while its cover material weighs 180g, thus portable.

AMMSUN Folded Portable Travel Beach Umbrella

Things You’ll Like:

  • UV resistant, waterproof, and fade-proof polyester fabric
  • A solid wooden pole that gives it stability and wind-resistance
  • A user-friendly crank mechanism that makes it easy to open and close the umbrella
  • The canopy hangs liberally to guarantee unobstructed view while promoting maximum shade


1.  Which Is The Best Beach Umbrella With Wooden Pole?

Sport-Bella and Wondershade Ultimate Portable Beach Umbrella have excellent UPF rating and provide ample shade for large groups.

As a result, I consider the two to be the best overall.

2.  Do All Beach Umbrellas With Wooden Poles Offer UV Protection?

It’s not all of them, but a majority of them promise to protect you against the glaring sun.  A good number of manufacturers indicate the sun protection factor (SPF) on their products.

Consequently, you should only buy an umbrella with an SPF rating if you want UV protection. I should insist, however, that the higher the rating, the greater the protection.

As a result, consider those that have a 50 UPF rating and 50+ UPF rating.

3.  What Are The Best Features For The Best Beach Umbrella?

You need an umbrella with a sturdy pole and one with a higher UV protection (SPF rating of 50 plus to offer 98 plus UV protection).

Other considerations include easy installation, durable fabric, portable, and weather-proof.

4.  My Beach Umbrella Keeps Blowing Away. How Can I Stop It?

Most beach umbrellas come with built-in anchors that require you to screw the wooden pole into the sand. If that’s not the case with your umbrella, use sandbags to provide extra anchorage.

5.  Can I Use My Wooden-Poled Beach On The Patio?

Though beach umbrellas can work on patios, it’s advisable not to experiment them that way. Remember, beach umbrellas come with thicker poles and are meant to be anchored by digging them dip into the sand.

Patio umbrellas, on the contrary, have thin poles and are meant to be anchored on a table base.


If you are looking to buy a beach umbrella with wooden pole, think no further than the above recommendation. In case you want some help deciding, consider using my guide. It shall help you find your perfect beach umbrella.

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