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5 Best Boogie Boards

Are you considering riding on a wave’s crest but do not know what boogie board to buy? This post will cover five best boogie board reviews for your consideration.

Boogie Board

Undeniably, riding on a wave is exciting and refreshing. I simply cannot recommend any other adrenaline-rush, heart-racing watersport than this.

You should note, however, that the fun largely depends on the boogie board. Therefore, you have to choose a board that matches not only your surfing level but also your body size.

But what exactly is boogie boarding, and how do you do it? We’ll answer the question in this post.

What’s more, I’ll provide you with a buyer’s guide to help you shop for the best boogie board, also known as a boogie board.

In a hurry? here are my boogie board recommendations for different users:

5 Best Boogie Boards:

  1. Free Riders Surf Co. 41″ Boogie Board (Kids and Adults)
  2. Own the Wave BodyBoard (Kids and Adults)
  3. GYN Trade Heat-Sealed Bodyboard (Beginners and Expert Surfers)
  4. BPS ‘Shaka’ Bodyboard  (Expert Surfers)
  5. Wavestrom Foam Bodyboard – (Best for Beginners)

What Exactly is Boogie Boarding?

Boogie Boarding is the act of riding a boogie board on a wave’s curl or crest. It is sometimes referred to as body boarding, owing to the name body board.

Body Board

Generally, there are three forms of boogie boarding:

  • Prone boogie boarding – Here, you ride a boogie board on your chest or stomach. The riding position is recommended for beginner riders as wave navigation is much more comfortable and stable.
  • Standup boogie boarding – Here, you ride the wave in a standing position. The riding style suits more experienced surfers who have full control of the board and are good at performing tricks.
  • Drop knee boogie boarding – Here, you position one knee on the board’s back corner and the other on its opposite front end. The style gives you better riding maneuver but may be hard to execute if you are a beginner.

Boogie Board Reviews Consideration: The Buying Guide

My boogie board reviews are centered around these buying considerations:

Boogie Board Sizing

You should get a boogie board that matches both your weight and height. If you get the size right, then you’ll be able to maneuver easily.

Refer to the boogie board size chart below to match yourself with the right boogie board size.

Boogie Board Length (inches)Rider’s HeightRider’s Weight (pounds)
36-384’ – 5’65-80
394’6” – 5’2”85-110
405’3” – 5’6”110-130
415’7” – 5’9”125-170
425’9” – 6.’145-180
436’1” – 6’3”170-210
446’2” – 6’4”180-270
456’3” – 6’6”195-255

Alternatively, you can determine the board size by holding the board under your arm and try reaching for its bottom rail.

If you can curl your stretch fingers around it, leaving no gap under the armpit, then the size is right for you. That’s more important if you cannot tell from boogie board reviews what boogie board suits you the most.

Core Construction

You must pick a core material that is strong enough for your Weight. That brings us to these two material options:

  1. Polypropylene (PP) foam – This material is generally lighter and irrefutably stiffer. So, it enjoys better maneuverability, and that makes it the costlier option.
  2. Polyethylene (PE) foam – This material is slightly heavier but decently flexible and offers robust all-around performance on cold waters. Pricewise, PE decks don’t cost as much as PP decks.

Rocker Design

The rocker refers to the upward curve in the boogie board’s front end. Its role is to enhance the board’s maneuverability.

Usually, the less the curve, the faster and less maneuverable the board will be on the water. Likewise, the higher the curve, the slower and more maneuverable the surfing board will be.

So, what should you go for? I recommend a boogie board with a less rocker curve because of its riding speed.

More Buying Considerations for Boogie Board Reviews


The boogie board’s rear design, what we call the tail, also affects its maneuverability. Most boogie boards for beach come with a crescent tail design except for a few high-end models.

The advantage of a crescent tail is that it’s wider and this gives the vessel more stability on the water. Also, it improves the board’s speed and fluidity. That explains why my boogie board reviews focus more on crescent tails.


The boogie board edges are what we call the rails. They are generally crucial in maneuvering boogie board. It’s worth noting that boogie board come with a 60/40 and a 50/50 rail configuration.

The former gives you more board control while the latter(traditional rails) gives you extra maneuvering speed.

Wide Point

The widest area between the boogie board’s rails is what we call the wide point. Its position generally affects the board’s maneuverability.

If the wide point, for example, is closer to the board’s front, the water vessel enjoys more stability.

Overall, the wide point gives the boat buoyancy.

You should note, however, that the best boogie board brands are becoming narrower. That’s because broader options are difficult to turn despite being more stable.


Some boogie boards are thicker than others, and that means they perform differently on waves.

Thicker boards are more buoyant and faster but do not offer you better maneuver. So, you are likely to lose some control. Thus, such boogie boards are better suited to small waves.

If you are looking to ride on a higher wave, go for thinner boards. They are less buoyant and probably slower but give you more control and maneuverability. You can easily do tricks on such a surfing board.

Stinger Number

The boogie board has a spine tube material that runs through its middle. We call it a stringer, and it’s responsible for strengthening the board’s core and enhancing its projection.

Overall, a good boogie board should have 1-3 stringers for optimal wave riding.

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5 Best Boogie Board Reviews

They include:

1. Free Rider Surf Co. 41-Inch Super Bodyboard Body Board

(Best for Kids and Adults)

Are you looking for a perfect family-friendly boogie board? Then what you need is Free Rider Surf Co. 41-Inch Super Body Board.

The boogie board comes in a lightweight and super-buoyant EPS core design that makes it perfect for both kids and adults.

It’s bottom is sleek and features high-density polyethylene, which improves its projection and riding speed.

This boogie board for kid has 60/40 rails, a crescent tail design, and rear water channels which makes it fantastic on all waves. The board also enjoys more maneuverability and strength.

A leash is included to encourage surfing stability as well as riding safety. It has a 145 lbs maximum carry weight and only weighs 2 pounds.

Free Rider Surf Co

Key Highlights

  • Lightweight, buoyant design
  • Stiff and sleeker HDPE bottom
  • Wrist/ankle leash
  • 60/40 rails
  • Crescent tail
  • Rear channels

2. Own the Wave ‘Beach Attack Pack’ Bodyboard

(Another Best Pick for Kids and Adults)

If you are looking for another family-friendly surfing board that promises the best boogie boarding experience, consider this board by Own the Wave.

The surfing board comes in a super lightweight design that children can carry with ease and use. It features two fin savers and a leash to ensure it stays with you at all times.

Additionally, it features a sleek HDPE bottom that makes it more robust and gives it a resistance-free ride. So, the board is generally easily maneuverable.

Own the Wave Bodyboard

It comes with printed image instructions on its installation. Other unique inclusions are a crescent tail and rear water channels which boost its fluidity and execution.

Key Highlights

  • Coiled wrist leash
  • Fin tethers
  • Rear channels
  • Sleek design
  • Crescent tail
  • Printed installation instructions
  • Water-resistant coil

3. GYN Trade Heat-Sealed Legendary Pro X Bodyboard

(Best for Beginners and Expert Surfers)

Unlike most boogie boards which usually are glued, the GYN Trade Heat-Sealed Legendary Pro X Boogie Board is heat-sealed. Thus, it’s stiffer than most boards and doesn’t bubble.

The water boogie board comes with a sleek, lightweight bottom and a detachable wrist leash that ensures you keep hold of it.

It features a crescent tail that improves its fluidity and stability regardless of the nature of the waves. As a result, the boogie board suits both beginners and experienced surfers.

It’s available in multiple sizes to suit riders of different sizes. Its size 42-inch, for example, suits surfers who weigh up to 220 pounds and are 5’2” – 6’2” tall.

Legendary Pro X Bodyboard

Key Highlights

  • A more robust and stiffer board
  • Detachable wrist leash
  • Crescent tail
  • Sleek solid bottom
  • Printed design

4. BPS ‘Shaka’ Bodyboard with Wrist Leash

(Best for Expert Surfers)

The BPS ‘Shaka’ Boogie Board comes in an ultra-sleek design that promises high-speed wave riding.

It has a strong wrist leash that ensures you don’t lose hold of the board when riding on a strong wave. So, the board is perfect for all wave conditions.

It’s also highly stable and maneuverable, which makes it suitable for both beginners and expert surfers. This board features a ‘Shaka Tiki’ logo, which is a greeting gesture in the surfing world.

The professional boogie board has a crescent tail design to improve its fluidity. Plus, its HDPE sleek bottom not only strengthens it but also gives it a resistance-free ride.

BPS NZ Shaka Body Board

Other than the wrist leash, the board comes with printed instructions.

Key Highlights

  • Lightweight and buoyant EPS core
  • Strong wrist leash
  • Under board water channels
  • ‘Shaka Tiki’ logo
  • Robust and sleek HDPE bottom
  • Crescent tail
  • Printed setup instructions

5. Wavestorm Foam Bodyboard

(Best for Beginners)

If you are looking for a simple, beginner-friendly boogie board to buy, then consider the Wavestorm Foam Boogie Board.

The boogie board is 40 inches, which makes it perfect for users weighing up to 180 pounds and are about 6’ tall. It’s generally lightweight and comes with a leash and a carry bag.

Its broad size gives it its riding stability, and this is part of the reason why it’s an excellent pick for beginner surfers. Its 4mm 1XPE deck is heat-laminated to seal it well and provide ample cushioning.

Wavestorm Bodyboard

The surfing board’s bottom is made of high-density polyethylene, which gives it the stiffness it needs to enjoy maximum surfing speed.

Key Highlights

  • Sleek HDPE bottom
  • Stainless-steel twirling leash
  • Heat-laminated IXPE deck
  • Rigid core
  • 42-inch wide size
  • Lux bag

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FAQs About the 5 Boogie Board Reviews

1. What Is The Difference Between A Boogie Board And A Body Board?

There is no difference between the two. The two are synonymous, and they are often used interchangeable online to describe the same thing.

Actually, the term bodyboard dates back to 1973 when Tom Morey invented a bodyboard. So, a bodyboard is just a brand name for his creation, the Morey bodyboard.

2. What Is The Best Boogie Board On The Market?

The best boogie board should be stable, easy to maneuver, speedy, and perfect in size. That brings us to my five boogie board reviews discussed above.

Here are my recommendations for different users:

Here are my recommendations of boards for different users:

  1. Free Rider Surf Co. 41-Inch Super Bodyboard Body Board – Best for Kids and Adults
  2. Own the Wave ‘Beach Attack Pack’ Bodyboard – Another Best Pick for Kids and Adults
  3. GYN Trade Heat-Sealed Legendary Pro X Bodyboard – Best for Beginners and Expert Surfers
  4. BPS ‘Shaka’ Bodyboard with Wrist Leash – Best for Expert Surfers
  5. Wavestrom Foam BodyboardBest for Beginners

3. How Can I Take Care Of My Boogie Board

You can take care of your boogie board by cleaning it properly after use. So, you should clean off the dirt and rinse off the salt deposits to avoid damaging its surface.

You also need to dry it properly, away from direct sunlight. The storage should also be away from direct sunlight.

4. How Much Do Boogie Boards Cost?

The cost of a boogie board depends on many things such as size, material type, surface design, and extras.

Overall, entry-level boards cost $50-$150 while pro boards cost $250-$400. However, you can get a decent all-around model for $100-$200.

5. What Boogie Board’s Deck Is Good For Beginners?

A majority of beginner decks come with polyethylene foam. The material is smooth and flexible. Its only issue is that it may not regain its shape after an extended period of use.

The concern aside, you are likely to enjoy more riding stability.


You now have five boogie board reviews to consider. So, which is your pick? It’s time you get it to improve your boogie boarding experience.

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