Best Baitcaster Combo Under $100 Dollars (Budget-Friendly Baitcasting Combos)

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Do you find it expensive to own a fishing reel and a fishing rod? Then you should get the best Baitcaster combo under $100.

A Baitcaster is a pre-assembled combination of a fishing reel and a fishing rod. So, it brings together both worlds to give you an exciting fishing experience.

The best part is that baitcasting combos come at budget-friendly prices. It’s generally cheaper to own a Baitcaster combo than possessing both a fishing reel and a fishing rod.

Rod and reel

Also, a baitcasting combo gives you a more-controlled cast over long ranges. Moreover, the fishing gear gives you more leverage when it comes to hard-pulling larger targets like trout.

We are going to look at how you can buy the best Baitcaster combo on a budget. I’ll also recommend five best Baitcaster combos under $100.

Last but not least, I’ll address frequently asked questions about the fishing gears.

Buying Guide for the Best Baitcaster Combo Under $100

Consider these factors when shopping for a cheap baitcasting combo:

Material Type

Most Baitcaster combos come with either graphite (carbon) or fiberglass rod.  While graphite is super-lightweight and elastic, fiberglass is super-sensitive and tough. So, both are suitable choices.

We also have other manufacturers who combine the two materials. As a result, the resultant rod is reasonably lightweight and elastic and, at the same time, highly sensitive and durable.

But still, some baitcasting combos come with aluminum rods over graphite rods. Aluminum is as lightweight as graphite but has the advantage of being more robust.

Aluminum is also a top consideration for the spool, given that it’s not just lightweight but also rust-resistant and scratch-proof.

Size and Weight

Since the rod is a crucial part of a baitcasting combo, you have to consider its size. Usually, the bigger the size, the heavier they are.

So, if you are looking for a lightweight Baitcaster combo, then you should go for a small-sized rod. The concern is that such a rod only suits small-sized catches.

If you want a large catch, then you have to go for a good Baitcaster combo with a larger rod. It’s likelier to be weightier, though.

Drag System

Baitcaster combos come with either a front or back drag system. However, we have a few others that feature drag rails at both ends.

In terms of power, a back drag system may not be as powerful as the front drag system. That’s because the latter has large washers.

The advantage of a back drag system, however, is that it is easy to adjust.

Fishing Rod

Reel Brake

You should have better control of your catch. So, you have to consider the braking system careful. It needs to be reliable, and this is where dual brakes and magnetic brakes are a top consideration.

Dual brakes generally work better at the start and the conclusion of a cast while magnetic brakes give you more cast control.

Gear Ratio

Gear ratio refers to the number of spools turns per crank. It tells more about the speed of a lure on a rod. So, the higher the gear ratio, the faster the lure speed.

A gear ratio of about 6:3:1, 6:4:1, or 7:0:1 is a good starting point for the best Baitcaster combo under 100.

Reel Frame

You also have to give the reel the same consideration as the fishing rod as both constitute a Baitcaster combo. Reel frames either come in low profiles or round profiles.

Low-profile fishing reels usually are smaller and lighter, and that makes them flexible for different anglers.

Round-profile reels, on the other hand, are slightly heavier and so they are better suited to larger lures as well as game fish.

Ball Bearings

Fishing reels come with ball bearings that help their moving parts to move smoothly. These features are mostly stainless steel, thus very sturdy.

Ball bearings also come shielded against debris and can be as many as 8 in some Baitcaster combos. It’s more important, however, that the placing of the ball bearings is correct.

best baitcaster combo under 100

Rod Power, Rod Length, and Rod Action

The rod power is the measure of the rod’s strengths, and it highly depends on its backbone (the rod’s core). Some of the best core materials are fiberglass and graphite.  So, consider them.

As for the rod length, shorter rods suit tighter spaces while longer rods are ideal for casting further distances.

And when it comes to the rod action, the term describes the bendability of the rod. If the rod bends at the tip, we use the term fast action, and if it is in the middle, we use the term medium action.

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5 Best Baitcaster Combo Under 100

In consideration of the above buying guide, here are five best baitcasting combos on the market:

1. KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

(Best Cheap Baitcaster Combo)

Are you looking for an affordable, lightweight Baitcaster combo? Then consider the KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod and Reel Combo.

It comes in a carbon frame and carbon drag, thus generally lightweight. Its ball bearings are stainless steel, and it features graphite blanks.  So, the Baitcaster combo is not just light but also sturdy and flexible.

Its rod is 5’6”-6’6”, thus extensive enough to allow you to cast further and broader.

This baitcasting combo comes with a golf-style, slip-resistant super polymer handle that offers you maximum grip and comfort.

Its guides are stainless steel to promote durability and feature zirconium rings, which give you a smooth, long cast.

KastKing Rod and Reel

The Baitcaster combo employs a power transmission system that gives it a one-piece like fishing experience, though it’s two-piece.

Highlight Features

  • Lightweight carbon frames
  • Steel guides
  • Two-piece construction
  • Golf-style handle
  • Long graphite rod

2. Shakespeare Alpha Medium Baitcasting Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

(Best Budget Baitcaster Combo)

The Shakespeare Alpha Medium Baitcasting Fishing Rod and Reel Combo promises exceptional sensitivity, power, and durability.

It comes in a one-piece graphite construction, thus lightweight and sleek. It also has graphite side plates. In addition to making it lightweight, graphite makes it ultra-responsive.

The baitcasting combo comes with four steel ball bearings and one single roller bearing that promise effortless retrieve.

It employs a powerful drag system that gives you a smooth drag over long ranges. The power drag system makes the hard-pulling of the catch effortless.

Shakespeare Alpha Rod and Reel

This baitcasting combo features a MagTrax braking system that improves your casting control and accuracy. Furthermore, it has an ergonomic handle that encourages all-day casting comfort.

Highlight Features

  • One-piece construction
  • Sleek reel design
  • 4-ball bearing system
  • Power drag system
  • MagTrax braking system
  • Ergonomic handle

3. One Bass Baitcasting Fishing Rod with Reel Combo

(Best Beginner Baitcaster Combo)

The One Bass Baitcasting Fishing Rod with Reel Combo is a beginner-friendly four-piece baitcasting combo. Its rod features both fiberglass and carbon, thus both lightweight and durable.

Its guide rings are stainless steel to give it a solid build. And when it comes to the fishing reel, it’s also lightweight and comes with both a left-handed and a right-handed design.

This Baitcaster combo comes with an aluminum spool that’s not just lightweight but also scratch-proof and rust-resistant.

It features a power transition system that enables it to perform optimally and a star-drag system that encourages hard-pulling stability. Plus, it enjoys a 7:0:1 gear ratio, which makes it user-friendly.

One Bass Rod and Reel

Its hand features high-grade rubber, thus slip-resistant and highly comfortable. Furthermore, it has a reliable magnetic braking system and comes in a user-friendly telescopic design.

Highlight Features

  • Four-piece telescopic design
  • Star-drag system
  • Power transition system
  • Rubberized handle
  • Magnetic brakes
  • 7:0:1 gear ratio

4. Lew’s Fishing Laser MG Speed Spool Control

The Lew’s Fishing Laser MG Speed Spool Control comes in a one-piece graphite frame design. So, it’s comfortably lightweight.

This best baitcasting rod and reel combo features eight ball bearings that encourage smooth motion. It employs a highly adjustable magnetic braking system that allows you to take control of your casting.

This fishing gear has a 15-pound drag system that gives it maximum drag power. It features steel guides plus steel inserts, which improves its overall construction strength.

The baitcasting combo has a medium action rod for smooth casting and a slip-resistant EVA handle.

Lew's Rod and Reel

Its gear ratio is 6:4:1, which makes it beginner-friendly. With a 6’6” rod, this baitcasting combo allows you to catch deeper and broader.

Highlight Features

  • One-piece frame
  • Adjustable magnetic brakes
  • Heavy drag system
  • Steel guides
  • 6:4:1 gear ratio
  • EVA handles

5. Sougayilang Fishing Baitcasting Combo

The Sougayilang Fishing Baitcasting Combo is another best Baitcaster combo under 100 that you’ll love. It comes with a 7-foot rod, which allows you to cast extensively and deeper.

The rod is also a fast-action type, which is extra sensitive to allow you to feel just about anything you touch.

The baitcasting combo has a two-piece pop-off design that allows you to pop it up and fix it in seconds. That makes it a fantastic choice for beginners.

It has a medium-heavy fishing rod that allows you to enjoy big-sized catches. This fishing gear has a 6:3:1 gear ratio and seven ball bearings that encourage smooth and faster casting.

Sougayilang Rod and Reel

Its handles are ergonomic and slip-resistant, and it has magnetic brakes for better catch control.

Highlight Features

  • 7-foot fast-action rod
  • 6:3:1 gear ratio
  • Magnetic brakes
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 7-ball bearing system

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FAQs About the Best Baitcaster Combo Under 100

1. Which Type Of Fishing Are Baitcasting Combos Suited For?

You can do any fishing using a Baitcaster combo. That means you can fish on freshwater and saltwater comfortably.

However, the fishing gear is more recommended for medium to large catches. That’s where you get the best fishing experience.

2. What Should I Look For In The Best Baitcaster Combo Under 100?

You should buy a Baitcaster combo that is strong in construction and durable.

Also, go for lightweight material choices like graphite and aluminum or flexible and more rigid choices like fiberglass. Steel is another reliable option because of its strength.

You also need to pick the right reel frame profile, which can be a low profile or round profile. Round-profile reels are great for bigger and heavier catches, while low-profile reels are suited to weaker and shorter hauls.

Other considerations include:

  • A reliable braking system
  • High-quality bearing system
  • Comfortable, anti-skid handle
  • Strong line guides
  • Solid spool

3. Which Is The Best Baitcaster Combo For Beginners?

Though all the Baitcaster combos on my list are beginner-friendly, the one that tops the list is the One Bass Baitcasting Fishing Rod with Reel Combo.

It comes with an advanced star-drag system that makes it highly stable and a telescopic design for convenient carrying.

Its handle is ergonomic for a comfortable hold, and it enjoys a reliable magnetic braking system.

4. What’s The Best Gear Ratio For Beginners?

Most beginner-friendly Baitcaster combos come with a 6:3:1, 6:4:1, or 7:0:1 gear ratio. Such ratios also suit large lures.

It’s essential, however, that you also consider other features like handle comfort and weight. You need the best baitcasting combo for the money with an anti-skid handle and one that is reasonably lightweight.

5. How Should I Cast A Baitcaster Combo?

Here are the steps for casting a Baitcaster combo:

  • First off, position the fishing line tightly between the spool and the fishing rod.
  • Tightly hold the fishing reel over the spool to ensure it doesn’t go off course.
  • Turn the fishing rod upwards before releasing the spool faster. That allows you to achieve an active launch and a more extended cast.
  • Cast the rod and keep it at about 30 degrees.
  • Once you reach your target, press the brake to stop going dip.

After following the above five steps, you are more likely to achieve a fantastic catch. So, try them today!


Nowadays, it’s possible to have a large catch with the best Baitcaster combo under 100. So, don’t let the price discourage you from getting this great fishing gear.

Its ability to match up the flexibility of a fishing rod and the power of a fishing reel is just amazing. If interested, pick any of the five Baitcaster combos to start enjoying the benefits of both worlds.

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