Best Sand Proof Beach Blanket (Detailed Beach Blanket Guide)

Beach Blanket

In my view, a sand proof beach blanket is the most critical gear for every beach camper.

While the breeze and the sunshine can be fascinating, it’s never an enjoyable experience to lie directly on the sand. Hot sand could actually burn you, and it’s rough for the skin.

So, you need a sand-proof beach blanket (also known as a sand-free beach mat) to protect you.

Best Sand Proof Beach Blanket

I’m going to review five sand-proof beach blankets for your consideration. Additionally, I’ll provide you with a buyer’s guide to help you decide on the best pick.

But first, let’s look at what a beach blanket is and why you should get one.

5 Best Sand Proof Beach Blankets

1. CGEAR Sand-Free Outdoor Camping Mat (3-14 adults)

2.  WELLAX Sand-Free Beach Blanket (7 adults)

3.  BEARZ Outdoor Beach Blanket (4 adults)

4.  WEKAPO Sand Free Beach Blanket (7 adults)

5. WildHorn Outfitters Beach Blanket (Whole family)

What’s a Beach Blanket?

A beach blanket refers to an outsized blanket designed to be used on the beach or any other outdoor.

The blanket usually is sand-proof to protect you from directly coming into contact with the sand. Everything about its construction makes it ideal for the beach conditions.

Why Do You Need a Sand Proof Beach Blanket?

You may ask, ‘how about regular blankets, bedsheets, or beach towels?’ Well, none of them can substitute a sand-proof beach blanket.

Here’s why:

A bed sheet is too thin to offer a decent barrier between your skin and the hot sand. A regular blanket, on the other hand, tends to catch sand, which can be hard to brush off.

Unlike regular blankets, beach blankets are robust, water-resistant, and fast-drying.

Beach Blanket (1)

As for a beach towel, the prime disadvantage is the size. You need a large surface to lie on, and sadly, a beach towel cannot offer that. Beach towels are also not strong enough to withstand sand abrasion.

So, you need a sand-proof beach blanket and here are the primary reasons:

  • To protect yourself against the hot and scratchy sand
  • To have a comfortable surface to lie on

Generally, sand-proof beach blankets are easy to clean and come with convenient features like inbuilt pouches, carry cases, and anchor pockets.

What to Consider in the Best Sand Proof Beach Blanket? The Buying Guide

The best sand-proof beach blanket should possess the following properties:


These blankets are called sand-proof blankets for a reason. That’s because they are supposed to not only cushion you against the hot sand but should also not trap sand.

To ensure that this is the case, consider blankets that allow you to shake off or brush off the sand. The options on my list give you just that, and so I recommend them.

Large Size

An average-sized blanket is about six by 9 ft, and that is enough to accommodate an average of two people.  It’s essential, however, that you go for an option that accommodates more.

For example, most oversized beach blankets measure 12 by 12 ft, and that is enough to accommodate up to 7 adults. So, consider such.

Remember, it’s not just about everyone fitting on the mat but having enough space for everyone to stretch out.


Nothing is inconveniencing as having to wheel your beach mat each time you want to use it. It shouldn’t be that massive not to allow you to carry it. So, consider a lightweight option.

While a light load encourages portability, you also need to consider one that folds easily. I have ensured that the beach blankets no sand that I’ve recommended are not just practical on the beach but also portable.

Quality Material

You want your beach blanket to be soft, durable, breathable, and foldable. Those qualities primarily describe parachute nylon, cotton, and linen.

Overall, however, parachute nylon is the most preferred because it’s not just smooth but also offers massive sand resistance. You just need to shake the blanket to get rid of sand.

Other amazing material choices are hemp fiber, PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate), microfiber, and fleece.

Fairly Thick

Your beach blanket should be thick to make it comfortable for you to rest on it. It’s essential, however, that it is not so thick to be less portable.

Primarily, the thickness of the beach gear depends on the material choice. If you go for parachute nylon, for example, you’ll find it in thinner options that fleece. It, however, doesn’t mean that fleece is superior to parachute nylon.

Ease To Clean

With most beach blankets featuring multilayers, they are not suitable for machine washing. That’s because the layers are glued together and so are likely to detach.

So, forget about using your washing machine. It, however, doesn’t mean that you should break your back trying to clean a sand free beach blanket with your hands.

What you should do is buy an option that allows you to brush off the sand. And if you have to wipe with water, the surface should be fast-drying.


You’ll not like it if your beach blanket becomes dampen by sweat or light rain. If that happens, then it’ll feel very uncomfortable. So, ensure you go for a material that wicks away moisture and keeps the blanket surface dry.

Some of the best water-wicking materials for beach blankets are parachute nylon, microfiber, fleece, and polyester. They may not be waterproof but will protect you from getting wet.

Great Design

There are two primary considerations when it comes to the design of a beach blanket; color and shape.

Ideally, dark surfaces tend to absorb heat, making the blanket hotter. Brighter surfaces, on the other hand, reflect the heat way, making the blanket to feel cool.

As for the shape, it should accommodate everyone that you camp on the beach. It’s not enough to be just a large size beach blanket but also one with an accommodating shape.

Added Features

Would you love to fold and carry your weighted beach blanket like a backpack? Would you want it to provide you with storage pockets for your small valuables?

A good number of beach blankets have such convenience. Others come with sand anchors to protect them from being blown away by strong winds.

Fairly Priced

I have to talk about the price since it determines if you should go ahead with the purchase or not. The blankets on my list are not just reasonably priced, but they also have the best properties  covered above.

I know that it’s important to recommend an affordable beach blanket but, more importantly, one that is practical on the beach.

Top 5 Sand Proof Beach Blankets Based on the Buying Guide

Concerning the discussed buying guide; here are the top 5 sand-free beach blankets:

1. CGEAR The Original Sand-Free Outdoor Camping Mat (3-14 adults)

The CGEAR, The Original Sand-Free Outdoor Camping Mat, is a military-grade outdoor mat that you’ll love using on the beach.

The beach gear is available in four different sizes, of which the smallest accommodates three adults while the largest is enough for up to 14 people.

The sand proof beach mat employs a patented military technology that gives it resistance against sand, moisture, and dirt.

Things you’ll like:

  • Its robust military construction makes it sturdy and strong
  • It has heavy-duty D-rings on its corners that allow you to reinforce the blanket with stakes
  • The beach blanket also possesses anti-fading and UV resistance properties
  • Its construction makes it versatile to be used as a picnic mat, a ground beach blanket, and a resting surface on outdoor banquets
  • The mat is relatively thick to allow you to rest on it comfortably.
CGear Beach Blanket

2. Eccosophy Sand-Free Beach Blanket (7 adults)

The Eccosophy Sand-Free Beach Blanket is a versatile, large beach blanket that is practical to use. Not only can you use it on the beach but also hikes, festivals, and camps.

The sand resistant beach blanket measures 9 by 10 ft, which is sizeable enough for seven adults. Once folded, the beach mat only weighs 16 oz, thus portable.

Things you’ll like:

  • The blanket is 100% nylon, consequently water-repellant, soft, heat-resistant, and breathable
  • Its massive size makes it suitable for large families and groups
  • It’s easy to clean and shake off the sand from the blanket
  • The beach blanket comes with four sandbags that you can fill with sand for extra anchorage
  • It’s available in stylish colors like white, pink, and blue
  • Included is a waterproof case for carrying your valuables and an integrated sac for carrying the blanket
Eccosophy Beach Blanket

3. BEARZ Outdoor Beach Blanket (4 adults)

The BEARZ Outdoor Beach Blanket weighs 9 ounces, thus lightweight. It measures 55 by 60 inches, which makes it sizeable enough for four adults.

The big beach blanket is quite versatile, which means you can use it in other places other than the beach. That includes hikes, camping spots, and travels.

The BEARZ Outdoor Beach Blanket is easy to fold, and this, coupled with its lightweight, makes it portable.

What you’ll like:

  • The blanket folds into a compact design, enough to fit in your palm
  • It can serve as an emergency shelter against rain when it the outdoors
  • It also offers resistance against sand, moisture, and puncture
  • The beach blanket contains corner pockets that you can fill with stones or sand for extra ground anchorage
  • It comes with matching colorful pouches, and you have options like green, blue, red, and pink
  • Plus, it features corner loops that you can use with stakes for additional anchorage
Bearz Beach Blanket

4. WEKAPO Sand Free Beach Blanket (7 adults)

The WEKAPO Sand Free Beach Blanket is another large-size beach blanket with remarkable properties. It measures 9 by 10 ft, just like the WELLAX Sand-Free Beach Blanket. As a result, it can accommodate up to 7 adults.

The extra-large beach blanket is also 100% nylon, which means it’s water-repellent, soft, breathable, and heat resistant. This blanket is quite versatile to be used for beach camping, hiking, and hanging out on the yard.

Things you’ll like:

  • Its light load makes it readily portable
  • Its large size makes it suitable for large groups
  • The surface is fast-drying, sand-proof, and scratch-resistant
  • It comes in a simple design with plain patterns
  • The fabric is breathable, waterproof, and compact
  • Unlike most beach blankets, this one is machine-washable
  • A compression sack is included to pack and carry the blanket conveniently
  • It comes with four corner pockets and six stakes for anchoring it on the ground
Wekapo Beach Blanket

5. Seaview Beach Blanket (the whole family)

Whether you want to lay it down on the ground or cover yourself with it, very few blankets are as effective as the Seaview Beach Blanket.

Like most blankets on my list, Seaview Beach Blanket is 100% nylon. So, expect it to be soft, breathable, fast-drying, and durable.

The waterproof beach blanket measures 63 square ft, thus huge enough for the whole family.

Things you’ll like:

  • The blanket is compressible to fit into an integrated sack, thus portable
  • It contains anchor pockets on its edges for adding sand to enhance the ground anchorage
  • Its accompanying pouch allows you to pack the blankets and add your personal valuable
  • Sand doesn’t stick on the beach blanket, and you can shake it off easily
  • It contains extra pockets for keeping your phone, sunscreen, keys, and other valuables
Seaview Beach Blanket

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Buy A Sand-Proof Beach Blanket?

You should buy a sand proof blanket to protect your skin against the hot sand. Additionally, it offers you a more comfortable surface to lie on.

Additionally, sand-proof blankets are easy to clean, unlike regular blankets and mats, and their surfaces are fast-drying.

Which Is The Best Sand-Proof Beach Blanket?

Based on the properties on my buying guide, I’ll have to go with the CGEAR The Original Sand-Free Outdoor Camping Mat. The manufacturer has employed military-grade technology that makes it easy for sand to fall off the blanket.

What’s more, the technology makes the sand free beach mat fade-resistant, water-resistant, fast-drying, and comfortable. More importantly, it can accommodate up to 14 people.

Can I Use A Beach Towel Instead?

Though a beach towel is comfortable to lie on, they are mostly small in size. That means you cannot have enough room to stretch out, let alone share with others.

Also, beach towels are not built to resist sand abrasion. So, consider buying a beach blanket instead.

How Can I Choose The Best Beach Blanket?

You have to consider so many things. For example, you have to ask yourself the following:

  • Is the beach blanket absolutely sand-proof?
  • Is it durable, foldable, easy to carry, and fast-drying?
  • Can it fit my group?

If the answer is yes, then you should go ahead and order the beach blanket.

Which Is The Best Material Choice For Beach Blankets?

The material for the best sand free beach blanket should be sand-proof, easy to clean, soft, and moisture-wicking. With that in mind, the parachute nylon tops the list. It’s soft, tough-built, and resists stains, wetness, and sand abrasion.

You can also consider cotton, fleece, microfiber, and PEVA.


Generally, finding the best sand proof beach blanket could be a difference-maker in as far as your beach camping is concerned. It allows you to have fun while resting on the sand beach.

What’s more, it offers your skin ample protection against the sand.

For more on skin and keeping it safe, check out this post on sun protection.

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