Best Plus Size Beach Chairs for Heavy People

Heavy Duty Beach Chairs

The beach is meant for relaxation, and you need a comfortable chair for that. Sadly though, most beach chairs can’t support more than 300 pounds, and this means plus size people have fewer options.

Best Heavy Duty Beach Chairs for Heavy People

Don’t worry, nonetheless, as I have researched some plus size beach chairs that’ll recommend to you shortly. I’ll also share with you the best features to look for when shopping for the chair.

So, whether you weigh 350 pounds or more, there is a comfortable beach chair for you.

5 Best Plus Size Beach Chairs For Heavy People. (Summary)

  1. Timber Ridge  XXL Beach Chair – 600Lbs

  2. TravelChair Big Kahuna Chair – 800lbs
  3. KingCamp Beach Chair  – 400lbs
  4. Voysign Portable Chair – 325lbs
  5. Coleman Quad Chair with Cooler – 325lbs

Buying Guide – Best Features for the Best Plus Size Beach Chairs for Heavy People

You can shop for the best plus size beach chair if you focus on the following tips:

Comfort Comes First

You don’t expect to have a good time using a plus size beach chair if it’s not comfortable. Considering that you are big, the chair should even be more comfortable than the standard one.

For starters, the plus size chair should be adequately-cushioned. The padding should be sufficient on its seat, backrest, headrest (if applicable), and armrests.

The other consideration is lumbar support. It cushions your back from issues associated with prolonged sitting, especially when you have a back problem.

Portability Is Pivotal

No one said that a plus size beach chair has to be weighty. Most of them have a manageable weight, which makes them readily portable. The weight should be carriable to make it easy for you to move the chair on the beach.

You also need to consider its folding ability when thinking about portability. Plus size folding beach chairs are generally easy to pack and transport.

Furthermore, consider if the chair has backpack straps or a carry bag to allow you to carry it on your back comfortably.

TravelChair Big Kahuna Chair

Go For Strength

These chairs are called plus size because they are supposed to be super-strong. They should comfortably support your weight and last you longer.

But is the term plus size on the product name just enough to convince you? Of course not. You have to look at its overall construction to ensure the chair is stable.

Start with the logs and then go the arms. They should not break or bend. So, consider going for rust-proof material choices like powder-coated steel (which might be hefty) or powder-coated aluminum (which is lightweight).

Its backrest should also feature a sturdy frame since you’ll be exerting your weight there. Also, consider sturdy fabric for your backrest, and a good example is tear-proof 600D polyester.

The Wider, The Better

It’s almost a fact that most heavyweight people are big-size. If that applies to you, then you need to consider a plus size beach chair with a broader seat. Such beach chairs for plus size ladies and men provide more room to sit comfortably.

On average, go for a chair with a seat that’s at least 23 inches wide. Also, remember that it’s not just the seat that needs to be more extensive. You also need a wider backrest and armrests.

Don’t Forget The Seat Height

The seat height is vital for heavy people, especially those that are tall.

If you want your legs to be as close to the ground as possible, a low seat may work. However, if you are big and tall, such an option may give you a hard time accessing the chair.

So, I recommend high-off-the-ground big and tall outdoor chairs 500lbs for tall and big users.

Preferably, the ground clearance (seat height) should be 11 inches or higher.  High seat chairs are also recommendable for big and tall users with back problems.

KingCamp Oversiezd Chair

A User-Friendly Option

The last thing you would want as a buyer is a plus size beach chair that won’t recline or collapse for easy storage though it’s supposed to. You also expect the setup process and the disassembly to be effortless.

Generally, it shouldn’t take you much time to get the beach chair ready so that you can have more time to relax.

So, how do you identify easy-to-set-up beach chairs for fat guys? The simplest way is to hear from other customers. I’m suggesting you read their reviews to see if a majority of them find the beach chair user-friendly or not.

Look For Adjustability

You need a beach chair that reclines easily, especially its backrest so that you can rest more comfortably. Ideally, you should enjoy multiple recline positions from reclining beach chairs.

You also need to look at its headrest to confirm if it’s adjustable. An adjustable headrest promises head and neck comfort. Also, check its armrest to ensure it’s flexible.

Other areas that should be adjustable include the seat height and the shoulder straps.

Check The Load Capacity

You should look at the chair’s load capacity to determine if it can carry your weight. Almost all beach chairs for big guys come with load limits, and you can confirm by checking the product specifications.

The secret is to go for a load limit that is way greater than your current body weight. If, for example, you weigh 350 pounds, then go for a 400lbs beach chair or any other with higher load capacity.

Consider Its Convenience

There is more to a plus size beach chair than just a seat that can hold your weight. You need all the convenience you can get to enjoy its usage and so you have to consider its add-ons.

For starters, look for chairs with cup holders on the arms and those with pockets for keeping your phone, tablet, snacks, and other small items.

Other plus size chairs feature inbuilt coolers for cold beverages and carry bags for carrying the chair. Furthermore, you should consider a plus size beach chair with canopy and those with shoulder straps.

Low Maintenance

Extra-large beach chairs are almost guaranteed to get wet and soiled by the damp sand on the beach. So, you’ll have no option but to clean yours each time you leave the beach.

But to ensure that the cleaning is fun and almost effortless, consider materials that are easy to wipe. I particularly endorse steel and powder-coated aluminum frames. As for the fabric, 600D polyester is a decent pick. It’s breathable, fade-resistant, and fast-drying.

5 Best Plus Size Beach Chairs for Heavy People Based on the Buyer’s Guide:

1. Timber Ridge 600 lbs XXL Aluminum Heavy-Duty Beach Chair

(load capacity – 500lbs)

Unless you are budget-tied, there is no way on earth you can overlook the Timber Ridge 600 lbs XXL Aluminum Heavy-Duty Beach Chair.

This plus size beach chair only weighs 16 pounds but can hold up to 500 pounds. So, it’s the perfect choice for plus size buyers who weigh under 500 pounds.

Its seat is raised 16 inches off the ground, which also makes it perfect for tall users. The chair features an anodized aluminum steel-reinforced frame to give it a super-strong and stable build.

It reclines in four different ways and features comfortable hardwood arms. The Timber Ridge 600 lbs XXL Aluminum Heavy-Duty Beach Chair has a wide seat and adjustable headrest to promote user comfort.

The beach chair weight capacity 600 lbs is readily foldable and come with a storage pouch, a cup holder, and a large carry bag.

Timber Ridge XXL Chair

Key highlights

  • 4-position recline
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Strong construction
  • Foldable design
  • Weatherproof
  • Drink holder
  • Wide and raised seat
  • Carry bag and storage pouch

2.TravelChair Big Kahuna

(load capacity – 800lbs)

I simply cannot find a heavier-capacity beach chair that is as impressive as the TravelChair Big Kahuna Chair.

This plus size beach chair is a monster in build, comfort, and convenience and relishes an 800-lbs load capacity. So, it lives up to the name ‘Big Kahuna.’

Its strength is mainly due to its powder-coated steel frame and mold-resistant 600D polyester covering.

Despite its heavy build, the chair only weighs 13 pounds, which makes it one of the most portable monster chairs I know.

Its arms are adjustable, and it’s well-padded on its seat and backrest for your optimal comfort. The chair comes with a carry bag and features a side pouch and a cup holder.

TravelChair Big Kahuna Chair

Key highlights

  • Solid steel frame
  • Tough 600D polyester
  • Shoulder bag
  • Side pockets
  • Cup holders
  • Adjustable armrest

3. KingCamp 400Lb Outdoor Folding Camp Chair

(load capacity – 400lbs)

If you are looking for high-quality 400 lbs capacity beach chairs, the KingCamp 400Lb Outdoor Folding Camp Chair is an excellent choice.

The chair weighs 10.4 lbs but has the strength to support up to 400 pounds. Primarily, that’s due to its powder-coated steel frame.

This outdoor chair is foldable, which makes its storage and transport almost effortless. It features a durable and highly breathable canvas and has a hanging beverage holder on its armrest.

Its 24-inch wide seat provides you with ample seating space while its 24-inch high headrest is readily adjustable for your convenience. The chair comes with a matching carry bag.

KingCamp Oversiezd Chair

Key highlights

  • A robust and foldable frame
  • Tough, breathable fabric
  • Wide seat
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Beverage holder
  • Matching carry bag

4. Voysign 325 lbs Duty Portable Chair

(load capacity – 325lbs)

If you are looking for a low-cost 325-lbs plus size chair, then consider the Voysign 325lbs Capacity Portable Chair.

Though it’s not as adjustable as the Timber Ridge 600 lbs XXL Aluminum Heavy-Duty Beach Chair, it has some fantastic qualities that have earned it its spot on the list.

The 10.6-pound beach chair comes in modern styles and color options like blue, charcoal, and black. It features a plus size tube frame and tough 600D polyester to give it a reliable and stable structure.

The fabric is also well-padded to improve your relaxation on the beach. Its left armrest has a cup holder while its right armrest has a phone pouch that can also hold your cup.

There’s also a meshed side pocket and a storage shoulder bag for carrying it.

Voysign Mesh Folding Chair

Key highlights

  • Padded 600D fabric
  • Shoulder bag
  • Phone holder
  • Side pocket
  • Modern style

5. Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair with 4-Can Cooler

(load capacity – 325lbs)

If you are on a budget and only interested in quality beach chairs for heavy guys, consider this option by Coleman. The Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair comes with a four-can cooler for your cold drinks.

It’s fully cushioned to encourage seating comfort and features adjustable armrests.

The seat is 24 inches wide, which is undeniably roomy to suit heavy users. It’s also raised 18.1 inches off the ground to improve your comfort and make it easy to get out of the chair.

The 7.2-lbs chair features a robust steel frame that supports up to 325 pounds. It comes with a cup holder, side pockets, and a carry bag.

Coleman Camping Chair

Key highlights

  • Steel frame
  • Built-in cooler
  • Wide and raised seat
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Cushioned back
  • Cupholder
  • Carry bag and side pockets

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Which Is The Best Heavy-Duty Beach Chair?

Though I have five items on my list, my favorite is Timber Ridge 600 lbs XXL Aluminum Heavy-Duty Beach Chair. Its plus size construction is unquestionable while its comfort and adjustability are unrivaled.

It’s the perfect buy for those weighing less than 500 pounds.

2.  Who Manufactures The Best Heavy-Duty Beach Chairs?

On my list are five manufacturers who have some of the best beach chairs for 300 lbs. They guarantee customer satisfaction and have a reputation to protect.

I’m talking about:

  • Beach Mall
  • Coleman
  • LivingXL
  • Picnic Time
  • ALPS Mountaineering

3.  How Much Weight Can A Beach Chair Hold?

It depends on its overall strength and material quality. I have plus size chairs that can hold anywhere from 325 to 800 pounds.

So, you can choose whatever matches your weight. Preferably, the chair’s load capacity should be higher than what you weigh.

4.  Should I Go For An Aluminum Or Steel Beach Chair?

Steel is the stronger of the two but also the denser. So, if you are looking for a lighter plus size beach chair, consider aluminum. It should be powder-coated, however, to resist rust and mold.

5.  Which Is The Best Budget Plus Size Beach Chair?

It has to be the Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair with 4-Can Cooler. It’s available under $50, but despite that, it’s super comfortable and solidly-built.

It also comes with a cooler for keeping your liquid refreshment cold.

For a detailed look at more chairs, check out Beach Chairs Resources.


Generally, you should shop for plus size beach chairs if you weigh 300 pounds or more. But still, you can consider them if you just want a more comfortable chair even though you are not plus-size.

Above are five best picks for your consideration. So, order now before the stocks run out!

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