Why Are Beach Chairs So Low to the Ground?

Why are chairs so low

I used to ask myself a lot this question: why are beach chairs so low to the ground?

Well, according to my finding, beach chairs are low to the ground to give the users seat stability and comfort. Also, given that their seats are close to the ground, these chairs offer more room to stretch out.

Such chairs, however, don’t suit beach campers on rocky ground because of the danger that sharp rocks possess.  They also don’t suit beach campers with back issues.

Low Beach Chair

What Are Low to the Ground Beach Chairs?

But before we can define low-to-the-ground beach chairs,  also known as low-profile beach chairs, let’s define the term ground clearance.

Ground clearance is the distance between the seat and the ground.

Generally, low profile beach chairs have a ground clearance that doesn’t exceed 11 inches. Some chairs even sit as low as 5 inches off the ground and so they are low to the ground.

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Why Are Beach Chairs So Low to the Ground? 3 Reasons

Here are the reasons why:

More Stability

Since low-profile beach chairs are close to the ground, they have a low center of gravity, which translates to better stability.

A low gravity chair allows you to slant in whatever direction you want comfortably. What’s even more impressive is the fact that you can incline more on this chair than when standing without tipping over.

Compared to high-off-the-ground chairs, low to the ground chairs are by far more stable. While it’s easy to wobble on a high-off-the-ground chair, it doesn’t happen quickly on a low-to-the-ground beach chair.

User Comfort

Most low-to-the-ground beach chairs come with multiple recline positions to enhance your seat comfort. Some come with four or five recline positions, which means you can rest at whichever angle you prefer, and that’s not all.

Beach chairs low to ground mostly feature a wider, well-padded seat. That makes them inherently excellent for plus-size users.

But still, if you are not plus-size but prefer a sizeable and generously-cushioned seat, a low-profile chair may be ideal.

Room to Stretch Out

Do you like stretching your legs on the beach? Then get a low profile beach chair. Such chairs allow you to stretch out your tired legs on the sand surface fully.

But of what importance is stretching your tired legs? Remember, chances are that you sit for long hours while on the beach. So, you are likely to suffer muscle cramps.

As a result, stretching your tired legs brings about a relief, and nothing does the job better than a low profile beach chair.

Qualities of a Good Low-Profile Beach Chair

There are a few things to consider when looking for a good low-to-the-ground beach chair.

Low to the ground beach chair

Lowly Seated

These chairs are known as low-profile beach chairs because their seats are close to the ground. So, the lower the ground clearance, the lower the center of gravity, and the more stable the seat is.

So, consider seats that are 5-10 inches off the ground for the ultimate stability.


As mentioned, a majority of low beach chairs are designed for plus-size weight. So, they need to be solid to support heavy loads.

It, therefore, doesn’t surprise that most of them come with massive load capacities. The average low-profile chair, for example, comes with a 250lb carry capacity, but others have more.

Wide and Comfortable

The best low-profile beach chair needs to have a wide, well-cushioned seat. It should provide you with roomy seating space and should feel comfortable to allow you to sit for long hours.


Low-to-the-ground beach chairs are known for their adjustability. Though not all of them collapse entirely, they mostly come with multiple reclining angles.

You should, however, confirm the recline-ability of the low folding chair that you pick beforehand.


As mentioned, only a handful of low-to-the-ground beach chairs collapse quickly for easy storage. So, you may have to lift and carry your low profile chair.

For this reason, you should ensure the chair is lightweight. But still, if you get low to the ground folding beach chairs or those with a carry bag, then that’s an added advantage.


You don’t expect your low-profile chair to rust or fade easily. Given that these short beach chairs are close to the ground, they are more likely to get wet.

So, the framework should not rust. The fabric should also not fade following long hours of sun exposure.

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Top 3 Recommended Low-Profile Beach Chairs

Based on the above qualities, these three low-profile beach chairs are the best:

1. Coleman Lightweight Camping Chair

(Carry Capacity – 250lbs)

The Coleman Lightweight Camping Chair sits 10 inches off the ground. It features a 21inch wide seat that gives you extra sitting space.

The low to the ground chair only weighs 5.3 pounds but is solid enough to hold up to 250 pounds.

It comes with a carry bag for its storage and transportation and enjoys convenient storage pockets and a can holder.

Coleman Utopia Beach Chair

2. KingCamp Low Sling Beach Chair

(Carry Capacity – 300lbs)

The KingCamp Low Sling Beach Chair features a 22.2 inches wide, low-lying seat. Thus, it gives you more stretching room and enjoys more stability.

The chair comes in heavy-duty steel construction to hold up to 300 pounds. It only weighs 6.6 pounds, thus lightweight and readily portable.

The beach chair comes with a cup holder and a carry bag for convenient carrying. Moreover, it has a mesh back that feels very comfortable.

KingCamp Low Folding Beach Chair

3. Nice C Low Ultralight Beach Camping Chair

(Carry Capacity – 300lbs)

In case you want a pack of two comfortable low seat beach chairs, consider the Nice C Low Ultralight Beach Camping Chair set.

The seat sits 7 inches off the ground, thus very low. It’s also extra wide to offer you more sitting room.

The back features a breathable mesh that enhances seating comfort. Each of the chairs weighs 6.6 lbs but is capable of holding up to 300 pounds.

Nice C Adults Low Beach Chair


The answer to ‘why are beach chairs so low to the ground’ is now clear. They are low to give you more comfort, stability, and stretching room.

So, if that is what you want from a beach chair, it’s time you get yourself a low-profile option. Consider any of the three recommendations.

For a look at more beach chair designs, check out Beach Chairs Resources.

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