Different Types of Beach Chairs (Your Best Beach Chairs Guide)

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A Detailed Guide to Types of Beach Chairs

While the beach is known for active fun activities like swimming and volleyball, sometimes all you need to have fun is to relax. It generally takes a good rest on a comfortable chair.

Did you know that there are diverse types of beach chairs for different people? They include options for kids, the elderly, tall users, and people with leg issues, just to name a few.

Different Types Of Beach Chairs

So, it doesn’t matter your age, height, or bodyweight as there’s a perfect beach chair for you on the market. What matters is that you can identify what you need, and that’s what this review is intended for.

I’ll not only discuss the various beach chair types, but I’ll also give recommendations for the same. Furthermore, I’ll provide you with a detailed buying guide.

What’s a Beach Chair?

A beach chair is a foldable, adjustable, or reclining chair designed to be used on the beach. But due to their high comfort and versatility, these chairs are becoming popular with outdoor exploits like picnicking, fishing, and hiking.

So, they are not for beach camping or beach relaxation.

Why Do You Need a Beach Chair?

It’s normal to have such a concern when you have to spend a substantial amount of cash on a beach chair. Generally, all the different types of beach chairs have the following benefits:

Comfortable Rest

The primary reason why people buy beach chairs is so that they can relax comfortably in the outdoors. Beach chairs come generously padded and adjustable to allow you to take a comfortable rest on the beach.

Safe Rest

Beach chairs are not just a comfortable pick for relaxing on the beach. They are also safety equipment. As mentioned earlier, we’ve beach chairs for toddlers, seniors, and other categories of people.

What Are the Different Types Of Beach Chairs?

All of them have individual safety needs that the best beach chair manufacturers consider. The top rated beach chairs are manufactured from premium quality material to withstand varied weights and body sizes.


A good number of beach chairs either come with a canopy or an umbrella. If they don’t have either, they have a loop for attaching your umbrella. That allows you to escape the scorching sun as you rest comfortably.


You don’t have to worry about your chilled drinks turning lukewarm on a hot afternoon. That’s because so many beach chairs feature inbuilt coolers that can keep several cans of your favorite beverage cold.

These cool beach chairs make it exciting to take a cold drink when it’s burning hot.

Drink Holder

As you swing on a beach chair, you may want to have somewhere where you can place your open drink. That’s possible with cup holders, which are becoming a must-feature for modern beach chairs.

Storage Pockets

You also need a secure place to keep your snack, cell phone, and small personal items. With most beach chairs coming with multiple pockets, you no longer have to carry a backpack.

Interestingly, other beach chairs convert into portable backpacks. Not only do such allow portability but also storage, just like the usual backpacks.

What Are The Various Types Of Beach Chairs On The Market Today?

There are so many chair choices on the market today, it can be a little overwhelming. Below is a list of just a few.

1. Folding Beach Chairs

Folding beach chairs come ready-to-recline and are available for both kids and adults. The beach chairs are robustly built to accommodate different weights.

You’ll find them in sturdy, noncorrosive metals and sturdy fabrics.

Most folding beach chairs are lightweight. The most common material is aluminum, but there are a few others that are either wooden or plastic.

These chairs feature a simple adjustment mechanism to allow you to lie back in multiple ways. My recommendation for the most comfortable folding beach chair is the Rio Beach Big Boy Folding 13” High Seat

Different Types Of Beach Chairs

2. Canopy Beach Chairs

The sun can get unbearable on the beach, especially at around 3 pm. So, shielding yourself from its rays is a great idea.

You actually don’t need to carry a beach tent, a canopy, or an umbrella. All you need is a canopy chair like the Quik Shade Adjustable Folding Camp Chair.

The beautiful thing about canopy beach chairs is that you can detach the canopy and use the chair without it. What’s more, the canopy can also shield you against light showers.

You’ll find these chairs in robust construction, and they promise optimal comfort and adjustability.

Quik Shade Chair

3. Beach Chairs With Umbrella

Some beach chairs come with umbrellas instead of canopies. Like a canopy, an umbrella is detachable, giving your utmost flexibility.

The beautiful thing about these beach chairs is that they are all-weather. You don’t have to worry about light showers or the scorching sun. And in case you don’t want to be sheltered by the umbrella, you can remove it.

Most of these chairs are designed for kids, and an excellent recommendation is the Redmon Kids Umbrella Camping Chair.

The lightweight beach chair comes with a matching carry bag for easy carrying. Other amazing extras are a cup holder and safety locks.

WGOS Beach Chair and Umbrella

4. Backpack Beach Chairs

Did you know that you can carry a beach chair on your back as you do a backpack? Well, that’s possible with the best backpack beach chair like the Tommy Bahama 2016 Backpack Cooler Chair.

Interestingly, these beach chairs come with inside pockets for storing your phone and other personal items. As a result, you don’t need to carry any other bag.

You’ll also find extras like drink holders, insulated coolers (in some of them), and multi-positional recline advantages.

Backpack beach chairs mostly have a low seat and so are more suited to short duration beach seating.

beach chair with backpack straps

5. Beach Lounge Chairs

If you want the utmost relaxation on the beach, then you need an elongated beach chair. That describes the beach lounge chairs.

These chairs offer you more legroom to ensure that you rest your legs comfortably. They are heavily padded all through to ensure that you can stretch out or take a nap comfortably.

The best beach lounge chair like MacSports Beach Day Foldable Chaise Lounge Chair  comes with a pull cart for transporting and keeping your beach supplies.

You can expect most beach lounge chairs to come with add-ons like drink holders, insulated pouches, and canopies.

folding beach lounge chair

6. Beach Chairs for Kids

Kids also have beach chairs that meet their specific needs. These chairs come with extra safety features like thickly-padded shoulder straps, locking systems, and extended canopies to make their usage safe for the young ones.

They are also comfortable and highly adjustable. Their adequate padding highlights the chairs’ comfort while their adjustability is evident through their multi-positional recline advantages

Most of them come in animation themes and bright colors to appeal to kids.

The best toddler beach chair is Quik Shade Folding Chair and so I recommend it.

Hurley Kids Quad Chair with Umbrella

7. Beach Sand Chairs

Beach sand chairs are low ground beach chairs that you can consider for your complete rest on the beach. They are readily foldable and take almost a horizontal position.

The chairs generally suit users with zero leg problems. If you have a leg condition, going for beach lounge chairs is advisable.

Beach sand chairs are very stylish and firm on loose sand. Remarkably, it’s not just their frame that is strong but also their fabric.

Their low profile makes them compact for secure storage. The beach chairs are generally lightweight, and a top easy in easy out beach chair for the category is the Rio Beach Wave Beach Folding Sand Chair

Rio Brands Gear 4

8. Wood Beach Chairs

Wood beach chairs are just what the name is suggesting. Their entire frame is wood, mostly hardwood, to withstand heavy load.

To ensure that you don’t rest your back directly on wood, some come with lightly padded coverings. For those that don’t, you may need to buy some padding materials or use regular seat pillows or cushions.

But why wood?

Wood doesn’t rust; it allows painting with different colors and can withstand long hours of sun exposure.

Most of wood beach chairs take up the lounger design. In my view, the most comfortable beach chair in the category is the Byer of Maine Portable Hardwood Camping Chair

Comfort beach chair

9. Best Beach Chairs For Elderly

The elderly have special requirements when it comes to buying beach chairs. Their chairs need to be readily adjustable, ergonomic, and richly padded.

The other important consideration is the assembly and usage. These chairs should be easy to set up and use.

Given that the majority of older adults have back issues, these chairs come with ample back support.

I cannot think of a better beach chair in this category than the Portal Oversized Gravity Recline Adjustable Chair . It is the best beach chair for the elderly, in my view.

Hera's Reclining Chair

10. High Seat Beach Chairs

If you are tall and you have a problem getting out of most beach chairs, you should switch to a high seat option. Such options are also a prime consideration for big people.

High seat beach chairs have more to offer. For example, a beach chair like Rio Beach Big Boy Folding 13” High Seat is foldable and well-cushioned. Additionally, it has back straps for convenient carrying and a storage bag for your supplies.

With high off the ground beach chairs, you have not only a comfortable seat for tall people but also one with ample legroom. The chairs are also robustly built to hold plus size weight.

Rio Beach Big Boy Folding Chair

11. Padded Beach Chairs

If you are looking for extra cushioning, more so when you have a back problem, you should go for a padded beach chair.

These chairs are just like other beach chairs, only that they come with more cushioning from the backrest to the seat. As a result, you are likely to sit for long hours on the beach without feeling fatigued

A beach chair like Stansport ‘Go Anywhere’ Chair  comes with shoulder straps, five-position recline, just to name a few impressive provisions.

That shows padded beach chairs have much to offer than just generous padding.

Stansport Chair

12. Hammock Beach Chairs

Ordinarily, a hammock is not a chair. It’s on this list because it works like a beach chair and a good one at that.

Would you love to swing on the beach as you read your favorite magazine? Then get yourself a hammock. It offers you a fun rocking experience.

Hammocks are solidly built and come with adequate cushioning to allow you to rest comfortably. If you prefer not to have your feet on the ground and an opportunity to lie on your back, a hammock will do the magic. I recommend the Chihee Hammock Hanging Swing Chair

Hammock Chair

13. Heavy Duty Beach Chairs

If you weigh 300 plus pounds, you need a robustly built beach chair that can support your weight. There are no better options than heavy duty beach chairs.

Some of these beach chairs for big and tall individuals can hold as much a 500lbs, and a perfect example is the Timber Ridge Oversized Directors Chair.

The beautiful thing about heavy duty beach chairs is that they don’t just have a sturdy frame, but even their fabric is tear-resistant. They are also highly comfortable and feature a spacious seat to suit huge users.

folding camping chair with side table

14. Beach Chairs With Wheels

How about a chair that combines the comfort of a folding beach chair with the convenience of a wheelchair?

That’s what you get when you invest in a beach chair with wheels. If you prefer to push the beach chair instead of carrying it, then you should invest in an option with wheels.

While portability is their strength, these beach chairs also have other impressive features.

A wheeled beach chair like the  ArtComber Folding Big Wheeled Portable Rolling Chair comes with a large, detachable bag for your supplies. Plus, its handles are heavily padded for easy pushing.

Coastrail Outdoor Folding Chaise Lounge

15. Beach Chairs With Cup Holders

Most beach chairs on the market have cup holders, which are also known as can holders, bottle holders, or drink holders. But still, I decided to focus on the chairs as a select category to emphasize their uniqueness.

So, why do you need cup holders on your beach chair?

It’s simple – it holds your water, juice, or whatever beverage you are taking. The holder is robustly built to prevent your drink from spilling.

You should expect this chair to be comfortably built and adjustable. I recommend the Big Jumbo 500lbs XL Aluminum Heavy Duty Beach Chair here as it’s one of the best folding chairs with cup holders.

reclining camping chairs with footrest

16. Beach Chairs With Footrest

Not all beach chairs come with footrests since they tend to make them slightly bulky. To save on space and to encourage portability, most people prefer not to go for beach chairs with footrests.

But if you have leg issues and you would want extra leg support as you rest on the beach, consider going for a beach chair with footrest.

I recommend the Ostrich 3-in-1 Chair in this category. It’s a high seat beach chair, which makes it ideal for tall users and comes with impressive extras like beverage holders, mobile pouches, and bottle openers.

Rio Brands Gear 4

Buying Guide for Types of Beach Chairs

Here are some factors to consider when shopping for a beach chair:

Quality Material

Quality is paramount when shopping for beach chairs. You don’t want to invest in an option where the frame rusts and breaks or where the fabric gets torn easily.

What you need is a frame that resists corrosion and naturally durable fabric. In that case, go for stainless steel or aircraft-grade aluminum for the frame. As for the fabric, consider polyester or 600D nylon or any other similar material.


There are so many things that determine the comfort level of a beach chair. The most obvious is adequate padding. You need your beach chair to be well cushioned on its back and seat. You also expect the same for the armrest, headrest, and footrest where applicable.

The other consideration is the seat width and foot width. The wider the two are, the more comfortable your beach chair is. Typically, beach chairs for plus size have a wide seat to accommodate their big body.

Good seat height

Beach chairs come in three distinctive seat heights:

  • Low seat – Where the ground clearance (the distance between the ground and the seat) is 8 inches or less. Such seats allow users to dig their feet into the sand and freely stretch out.
  • High seat – The ground clearance is at least 13 inches. Such chairs allow easy access and suit tall users.
  • Average seat – The ground clearance is 9-12 inches.


Most beach chairs are readily adjustable. They come with multiple recline angles to allow you to lay flat or recline at whatever angle you prefer.

Interestingly, it is not just the backrest that should be adjustable. The headrest and footrest also need to be adjustable.


If you are looking to fit your beach chair in your car’s trunk or anywhere else with limited space, then you have to go for the collapsible type. The chair should fold easily to allow easy storing and carrying.

While portability largely depends on collapsibility, it also depends on the chair’s weight. You should go for lightweight design for easy transportation.


You must have realized some awesome beach chairs on this list, having additional features like footrests, headrests, cup holders, storage pouches, inbuilt coolers, canopies, and backpack straps.

Such features improve the convenience and comfort of using a beach chair. So, try to consider them as much as possible for your beach chair.

You may not get all extra that you want on a particular beach chair but go with the one that has a majority of them and is budget-friendly.

For a detailed look at all chairs, check out Beach Chair Resources.


Now that you are aware of the different types of beach chairs, it should be easy to make a pick. You also have my recommendation for each category, which means you can click on it and make an order. It may be what you have wanted all along to have exciting and memorable beach experience.

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