Chairs for Bad Knees

4 Best Beach Chairs for Bad Knees

If you have ever had an injury with your legs or have bad knees, you know the struggle to get in and out of a chair and to get comfortable. Spending time at the beach in the sun with the sand and water should be an enjoyable time not an uncomfortable and painful time. Let’s look at some great options for beach chairs if you have bad knees.

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Best Beach Chairs for Bad Knees Comparisons At A Glance

#1 Choice

XGear 2 in 1

Fair Wind 2 N 1 Chair

Ranking: #1

Ostrich 3 N 1

Ostrich 3 N 1 Chair

Ranking: #2

Hera's Reclining Chair

Hera’s Palace Chair

Ranking: #3

Chair Features

Comfort and easy of entering and exiting a chair if you have bad knees is paramount. Here are some features to consider when looking for a beach chair if you have bad knees.


You want a chair that has great support for your back, head, neck and arms that will guide your upper body into the correct alignment and allow you to focus on finding comfortable leg positioning for your knees.


A chair with a footrest can provide relief for those with bad knees because your leg will be slightly elevated keeping blood flowing.

Tilting Seats

Chairs that have tilting seats can place your legs at a more ergonomic angle than the traditional 90-degree seat. This can also make standing take less effort and put less pressure on the thighs.

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1. Fair Wind 2 in 1 Folding Portable Lounge Chair

If you’re looking for the ultimate in versatility and comfort for your knees, the Fair Wind 2 in 1 Folding Portable Lounge Chair is it. This chair has a unique design in that it can be transformed from a lounge chair to a chair and footrest to a chair and side table.

This chair comes complete with a built-in cup holder, side pouch for your phone, wallet and/or sun glasses and headrest. There is no assembly required with this chair and with an easy fold design, you just unfold, and your chair is ready for use. With a lightweight steel frame, durable oxford fabric mesh and shoulder carry bag to make carrying easy, this is a great choice for the beach, camping, picnics and even the backyard.

XGEAR 2 in 1 Folding Portable Lounge Chair

2. Ostrich 3 N 1 Beach Chair

The Ostrich 3 N 1 Beach Chair is a feature packed beach chair with 5 adjustable chair positions, 3 adjustable footrest positions and standing 12″ off the ground, this is an easy chair to get in and out of.

Constructed with a rust proof aluminum frame, wooden arms with integrated cupholder, pillow and open/close face cavity and arm slots, you are sure to get years of enjoyment out of this chair.

Ostrich 3 N 1 Beach Chair

3. YOMIFUN Outdoor Folding Reclining Chair

If you are looking for padding and comfort, the YOMIFUN Outdoor Folding Reclining Chair is the chair for you! This recliner has removable headrest, padded back and seat, and bungee ropes to reduce unwanted pressure on your muscles.

This zero-gravity chair can be easily adjusted to any position between 0-170 degrees and with a lock system you can be sure your chair stays in the position you like. With having the ability to place the chair at 90 degree angle, getting into and out of this chair is breeze.

Hera's Palace Outdoor Reclining Lawn Chair

4. Coastrail Outdoor Folding Chaise Lounge

When you are heading to the beach, there is always lots to pack and having a compact chair is perfect. The Coastrail Outdoor Folding Chaise Lounge folds compactly given it’s open size of 28″ wide and 74″ long. With a 13″ high stance, this chair is easy to access and egress, making it easy on the knees. The elastic suspension system reduces pressure on muscles and cradles your body.

This chair can recline to 4 different positions to provide the ultimate comfort. There is a side pocket to hold all your favorite devices and detachable head pillow. With a carrying weight of 16lbs, this chair is on the heavier side but it makes up for that in comfort and function.

Coastrail Outdoor Folding Chaise Lounge


Do these chairs arrive assembled or is assembled required?

No, the chairs come assembled.

Are these chairs suitable for people over 6 feet?

Yes, these chairs will accommodate people over 6 feet.

Will these chairs fit folded into a suitcase for travel?

No, these chairs are too large to fit into a suitcase.

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Having bad knees doesn’t mean you need to limit your activities, that you can still head to the beach. Out of the four chairs reviewed, my personal pick is the XGEAR 2 in 1 Folding Portable Lounge Chair because of it’s versatility.

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